Singer/Songwriter Julia Poorman Releases New Single “Runaway Ship” to all major platforms!

Singer/Songwriter Julia Poorman Releases New Single “Runaway Ship” to all major platforms!

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Singer/songwriter Julia Poorman released her newest single “Runaway Ship” to all major platforms. The lyrics and music were written by Julia Poorman with music and production by Danny Roselle. The single was produced, engineered and mixed by Danny Roselle at Rosedome Studios. It was mastered by Michael Fossenkemper.

“Runaway Ship embodies both the excitement and unstoppable feeling of new romance while also acknowledging the beauty in a love that is chosen over and over again despite the hardships it may face,” says Julia.

Writing songs has always been second nature to Julia. As a young girl living in New York’s Finger Lakes Region, her little poems could be found stuffed in her night stand expectantly waiting for melodies to bring them to life. As soon as she’d pick up the paper, the music would come flowing out and a song would be born.

Throughout her youth, music served as a reliable and cathartic outlet for Julia. To her, it’s an entire dimension filled with comradery, boundless expression, and healing.

As a young adult, Julia took a brief step back from her musical endeavors to help build a business and life with her fiance. Navigating the world as an entrepreneur brought many rewarding opportunities for growth and unforgettable experiences, but she was left feeling a void in her creative nature.

In 2021, Julia unexpectedly lost her father. One of the last text messages he sent her was a photo of him listening to her original self-titled EP from 2012. She knew she needed to get back to her roots to begin to heal. Music became a necessary therapy again, and the melodies and lyrics just didn’t stop.

Julia now feels the importance of creating music that puts people in their own flow state, a vibrational catalyst for self-exploration and healing. Her passion reclaimed, she feels as though this is just the beginning.

Julia released her single “Already Got It” in 2022.

WATCH Julia Poorman – Already Got It – Official Video:

Lead & Backing Vocals- Julia Poorman 
Guitars, Bass, Piano- Danny Roselle 
Drums- Chris O’Hara

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