Sløtface return as Haley Shea solo project | Share two new singles “Beta” and “Come Hell Or Whatever”

Sløtface return as Haley Shea solo project | Share two new singles “Beta” and “Come Hell Or Whatever”




This week Norway’s much-loved Sløtface returned with the news that the group’s figurehead Haley Shea will now be leading the band, with Lasse and Tor-Arne leaving to focus on new passions outside the group.

It’s an amicable decision among friends as close as family and has freed up Shea to push Sløtface into exciting new territories, with today’s new material suggesting things can only ascend from here. Shea now describes Sløtface as a creative collective working with different musicians, songwriters and producers to explore what Sløtface can sound like. Sløtface is whoever Sløtface wants and needs to be.

After two albums of writing on deeply personal topics, Shea was determined to simply have fun, inspired increasingly by the way artists like Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift had successfully merged different genres, whilst always placing melody front and center.

Double A-side “Beta” / “Come Hell Or Whatever” is a real statement of intent, showcasing the broad musical spectrum that Sløtface now takes on and backing Shea’s goal to no longer be forced into one genre.

Influenced by 2020s indie icons such as Caroline Polachek and HAIM, the lead single “Beta” was co-written with songwriter and producer Mikhael Paskalev, and has their songwriting representing the next level for the band.

Haley had the following to say about the themes behind “Beta”:

“”Beta” was the very first song Mikhael and I worked on together in his studio. It should be listened to while wearing sunglasses, even on cloudy days!

The song is about wanting to connect with people on a deeper level, but feeling like social media sometimes gets in the way, with things becoming somewhat intimidating, shallow and superficial. The song is a confidence booster for myself where I’m trying to be cooler than I am. It was written at a time when I really, really missed the rush of playing live, and I needed to find some of that spark and edge in myself that only really comes out on stage.” 

“Beta” came to life in a time where Shea needed a shot of self-confidence after the lockdown saw her spiraling down the rabbit hole of a social media world that can feel intimidating and shallow. In the longing for a real world with real people, “Beta” turned out as a reminder to herself that authenticity triumphs.

“Come Hell Or Whatever” showcases a more well-known set of sounds from Sløtface. This B-side is Shea’s salute to ride-or-die female friendship and all the “… Thelmas to people’s Louises” out there. Shea describes the ultimate friendship of two souls melting into a “package deal”, conquering the world and not giving a fuck about anyone else.

“Beta” / “Come Hell Or Whatever”, mixed by long-term collaborator Odd Martin Skålnes, is the first taster of new music from Sløtface, with further music set to follow later in the year.

Beta / Come Hell Or Whatever
Out now on Propeller Recordings

A Beta
B Come Hell Or Whatever

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