Badxyou Create Exultant 80’s Inspired 2022 Love Anthem, “Discord Nitro”

Badxyou Create Exultant 80’s Inspired 2022 Love Anthem, “Discord Nitro”

Badxyou Create Exultant 80’s Inspired 2022 Love Anthem, “Discord Nitro

Follow up to debut single “OMG” from the provocateurs of internet culture, badxyou

Forthcoming LP, ‘Skrillo and Diplex present BAD Ü’ Out later this Summer

Making History with the “first music video made on Discord

Available Everywhere

Force of nature hitting the internet full steam

– Raver Rafting

The de facto front line of resistance to the pitfalls of internet culture.

– Rain Mag

“A group that will get a fire lit within you.” 

– Daily Beat

Badxyou are reconstructing pop as we know it. 


They are provocateurs of the internet who bring together a genius at sonic sculpture (courtesy of Connor), realistic yet far fetched ideas (Andy), and an added heavy dose of bubbly guitars and extraordinary video production (Ethan). Self-described as “unexpectedly intelligent”, and always having bigger commentary in their music than what is seen or heard on the surface, badxyou’s ingenuity allows them to engineer songs unconventionally as they rehash ideas or sounds from decades of pop culture. They magically blend these notions into fresh soundscapes, creating a sonic collage of shapeshifting electronic gaming bleeps, sugary synths, kaleidoscopic D&B patterns, dynamic guitar riffs, and anything else that comes in their way.  


Now, fresh off their quest to save famous Twitch streamer Amouranth from parasocial simps, this trio are channeling their love of classic 80’s rock ballads into an exultant 2022 love anthem, “Discord Nitro,” out today on all streaming platforms.


On “Distro Nitro”, they embrace the spirit of Rick Springfield ala “Jessie’s Girl” and drape it in fluorescent digitized pitch shifting textures, resulting in a playful track that is entrenched in 80s nostalgia, yet repurposed into a badxyou 2022 aural candy-land. The trio carefully construct “Discord Nitro” into a danceable pop hit with a chorus that is bound to seethe into your head!


“accidentally made her a mod on my discord
texts at 2am when we're hella bored
i don't like playing solo i need someone else
u listen to me when i feel ignored
i'm addicted to the mod on my discord”


While no names are given to protect the innocent, we will let you in on the fact that “Discord Nitro” is based on a true story. BxY sound designer Connor actually met a girl on Discord and made her a mod, so they wrote a song about it. Badxyou also make history today by creating the first music video ever made on Discord for this single. 


We wanted to write a true love story in the context of Discord. There are some parody type videos with discord text, but no music videos –  so we’re actually making history by creating the first music video ever made on Discord, which is why Ethan is a video genius too.”


Glitchy visual effects, various Discord visuals, the signature badxyou logo and animated song lyrics weave throughout this mesmerizing IRL internet experience. It’s brilliant through and through, the perfect follow up to their chaotically brilliant debut single, OMG, that earned praise from CULTR as being a “banger” and “inspiring”.


Whatever the “traditional” way of doing things is – badxyou does the opposite. Their music makes fun of themselves, culture, internet personalities, and at the core, humanity. “These bandits are really good at Picasso-ing the shit out of internet pop culture.”

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