A First Look at Nice Vice’s “First Dose”

A First Look at Nice Vice’s “First Dose”

Cue the confetti: Today marks the release of the debut EP from Nice Vice – also known as Seth Horst – entitled ‘First Dose.’ A result of two years’ worth of writing and heavy 90’s influence, Nice Vice takes you on an atmospheric journey that is so chill you’ll be digging in your closet for those old ripped jeans and that grunge-era flannel. I definitely picked up on a few Vedder vibes here and there.

I was able to catch up with Seth for a Track-By-Track of the EP.

Bloom“This song was sat on longer than any of the others. I really thought nothing of it after I wrote it, but after coming back to it after a while I realized how much I loved it and how much it really meant to me. It’s just a classic love song about new and blooming love!”

Cheap Revenge“This song always kind of makes me laugh. It was the first time I had played with a big, loud finish after something so quiet. The first time I showed this song to people, I got a little jump out of them. The song itself is sad, but the ending makes up for it by putting you in a real mood for revenge.”

No Ends“A song about having two sides of yourself and trying to decide which one you’ll end up as. It’s a very introspective track and I love the way it came together. A lot of parts in this song got switched around, but when I finally found the right groove it ended up being one of my favourite tracks to record.”

Procrastination“I remember writing this song very quickly. I was playing the opening line and it just kept building and building. This was the most creative I had ever gotten with a guitar solo. Really just a fun-sounding song that was just meant to be played live for a lot of people.”

Steadfast Love“This is a song about realizing how into someone you are. The point in the relationship where you start to notice that this person is really special. The outro of the song is one of my favourite parts that I’ve ever written and it’s a great track to throw on while you’re cruising down the highway.”

Simpatico“I had been playing the riff for ‘Simpatico’ for years before I ever got a song out of it. The song is about ego death and filling into who you’re going to be for the rest of your life. I really wanted to make a music video for this track, but just didn’t get the chance. I would still love to throw some visuals on it sometime in the future. I thought this song was the perfect ender for the EP and the big moment at the end gets me excited every time I hear it.”

Be sure to check out Nice Vice’s First Dose, available today here!

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