James Vincent McMorrow Releases Single “Hurricane”

James Vincent McMorrow Releases Single “Hurricane”



Today, Irish singer-songwriter-producer James Vincent McMorrow has released the life-affirming single “Hurricane.” Filled with choral backing vocals, horns and sweeping refrains, “Hurricane ” bottles the emotional directness McMorrow was after when approaching this record. Last month, he announced two new albums due this year, with The Less I Knew coming June 24th. He has previously released the title track along with its video.

The companion album Heavyweight Champion of Dublin8 will be released this fall. The Less I Knew was written and produced by McMorrow, mixed and engineered by Alex Borwick and recorded at Black Mountain Studios in Ireland. 

James Vincent McMorrow on Hurricane”:

There are certain songs you can just build your world around. For me it’s this song. I’ve stood on stage in the last 2 weeks and performed it and I can exist within every single line. I can’t say that about every song I’ve ever written. I listen to it, I get to certain moments, and it makes me smile every time. I believe it will always make me smile. And you’d think “fuck, shouldn’t everything you make be something you exist within totally, something that makes you smile?”. You’d be surprised. I spent a lot of time trying to convince myself the road I was on was the one I was meant to be on. because i could still see the reason i was doing it, but it was shrouded in trees. I thought catching glimpses of it was enough.  Now i know that wasn’t the case, because when I made this album, I did it all differently, never forced, never bullshit, I got to a place that i never honestly thought i’d get to, and not to sound like a corny idiot but I can see it all now and I fucking love it. 

James Vincent McMorrow is a platinum-selling artist who has independently clocked over 1 billion streams and seen his music travel everywhere from Drake’s Views to Game Of Thrones.  An always-unpredictable, multifaceted talent, over the last decade, James Vincent McMorrow has established himself as an artist of signature style. On his own intuitive terms, James’ bigger-picture approach to each project may vary, but the idea of doing exactly what you need to do, and at exactly the right time, remains a constant. He has emerged as that rare modern act as integral to the worlds of hip-hop and textured R&B as he is the singer-songwriter roots of his early days. Behind McMorrow’s instantly-identifiable voice was a heartfelt, sometimes-cryptic storyteller – who, on his new music, also appears to have come to understand himself on a deeper level. 

Tour Dates

26th May – Barbican – London

12th June – Beyond The Pale Festival – Wicklow

17th June – Piknik I Parken – Norway

28th July – KKL, konzertsaal – Switzerland

04th Sep – Electric Picnic Festival – Laois

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