“Max Creeps Day” Declared: SiriusXM Faction Takeover & Night Flight Doc Today

“Max Creeps Day” Declared: SiriusXM Faction Takeover & Night Flight Doc Today





May 13, 2022, SEATTLE – In what Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has designated as “Max Creeps Day,” Max Creeps, featuring punk rock luminaries P.C. Bullshit and Max Blastic, celebrate the arrival of Nein (Velocity Records, stream it here) with today’s SiriusXM Faction (Ch. 314) takeover, and this evening’s debut of the documentary: “Max Creeps Night Flight Special.”

“it’s a pretty good day today, to think back to that stack of yellow legal pads with our songs on them, or endless hours stating our plagiarism cases to deaf and apathetic attorneys,” explains the bombastic Max Blastic. “Thinking back to weeks living penniless on the street corner out front of the BFC (Betty Ford Clinic), or being ignored by everyone in the music biz… Well, we finally win! And a FUCK YOU to, well, EVERYONE who didn’t take us seriously! And that’s A LOT of people, and I won’t name names – but I WILL! Fuck you Craig Baker, fuck you Alvin Tostig, fuck you to so-called “Greg Mattress” if that really is your name! Max Creeps are BACK and HERE TO STAY!” P.C. Bullshit, interjecting briefly, added: “Don’t try to look us upon the stupid internet… we wiped all of it!”

Listen to the dynamic duo every hour for the next week on SiriusXM’s Faction (Ch. 314), with Blastic and Bullshit sharing stories, playing music and generally dominating the satellite radio punk headquarters.

Interested in watching the “Max Creeps Night Flight Special” this evening? Viewable via the Night Flight Plus streaming channel, the film is hosted by the series original narrator, Pat Prescott, and features unseen clips, music videos and more from the enigmatic project. Max Creeps have also curated a marathon of cult films, retro TV and punk docs from the Night Flight Plus library that will be streaming all weekend long on the network’s 24/7 live TV channel, NFTV. Titles include Penelope Spheeris’ “Suburbia,” live performances from Iggy & The Stooges and Bad Brains, and everybody’s favorite clayboy: Gumby!

The pair are Mark Hoppus’ guests on Tuesday’s episode of After School Radio, available on Apple Music.

Bullshit and Blastic previously released a trio of songs and videos from the nine-song release, with “Hung Drawn and Quartered (1424)” featuring Dan Jones (“Secrets of Great British Castles,” “Britain’s Bloody Crown”) arriving last week. The pair previously released clips for “The Internet Killed Me” and “Burn It Down.”

Nein is available now (https://linktr.ee/maxcreeps) with several, limited-edition vinyl variants available via U.S. and international retailers, Maxcreeps.com and Project M (RevolverBrooklyn VeganThe Hard Times).

The “Nobody Cares About You – Part One!” tour dates:

June 3 Pioneertown, CA
June 4 Chicago, IL
June 5 Las Vegas, NV
June 6 Albuquerque, NM
June 7 Tucson, AZ
June 8 Phoenix, AZ
June 9 Baltimore, MD
June 10 Norfolk, VA
June 11 Raleigh, NC
June 12 Athens, GA
June 13 Jacksonville, FL
June 14 St. Petersburg, FL
June 15 Orlando, FL
June 16 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
June 17 San Diego, CA
June 18 Anaheim, CA
June 19 Ventura, CA
June 20 San Luis Obispo, CA
June 21 Santa Cruz, CA
June 22 San Francisco, CA
June 23 Sacramento, CA
June 24 Reno, NV
June 25 Boise, ID
June 26 Bend, OR
June 27 Vancouver, BC
June 28 Seattle, WA
June 29 Portland, OR
June 30 Salt Lake City, UT
June 31 Denver, CO
July 1 Lawrence, KS
July 2 St. Louis, MO
July 3 Boston, MA
July 4 Washington, DC
July 5 San Antonio, TX
July 6 Houston, TX
July 7 Dallas, TX

Tickets for all dates are on-sale in May.

About Max Creeps

After meeting side-stage at David Bowie’s 1973 final Ziggy Stardust show at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, PC Bullshit and Max Blastic masterminded the rise and fall of Max Creeps on a working cattle-boat back to Seattle, Washington. Early gigs at The Masque in Hollywood became things of legend in late 1975. MC were soon touted in Tinseltown by the likes of Pat Smear, Cheryl Tiegs, Paul Lynde, Charo, and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. The easy access to drugs and the partying high-life took its toll of both PC and Max, as they soon found themselves planted in the Betty Ford clinic after a taut misunderstanding with the L.A. City Council on just who’s city Los Angeles was. Thus began the long-standing dislike by Max Creeps, of all cities, big or small.

Following the lengthy stint in rehab, on release, the Creeps were astounded to find all of their music they played live at The Masque had been ripped off. Something that was now being called “punk rock,” had its clear roots in those early gigs. From the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Germs, into Devo and Wire, these albums that were direct rip offs of all of the Max Creeps’ songs. This has denied them hundreds of dollars in royalties… but not much more can be said about that here, as many lawsuits are pending.


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