FAST DE Shares Debut Single “Miss Tutti Finally Found Her Gem” + Announces Debut Album “Sight Inside” | Out 22nd July via Bloomer Records

FAST DE Shares Debut Single “Miss Tutti Finally Found Her Gem” + Announces Debut Album “Sight Inside” | Out 22nd July via Bloomer Records

FAST DE shares debut single
Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem
Announces debut album

“Sight Inside”

Out 22nd July via

Bloomer Records

Photo Credit: Latoya Van Der Meeren

Today, Dutch composer and bassist Daniël Eskens has announced details of his much anticipated debut album “Sight Inside”. Having cut his teeth playing in various indie and jazz outfits such as Jo Goes Hunting, Opera Alaska, and Karsu, the album marks his first solo outing after years spent composing and experimenting in his studio. The album is due out 22nd July via independent Amsterdam label, Bloomer Records (Nana Adjoa, Future Husband, Micro Talk + more).

Combining a diverse array of influences—from Billy Strayhorn to Soulwax, Bela Bartok to Brian Wilson—Esken’s sound culminates in something that is entirely borderless, bridging glitchy electronic music, avant-jazz, modern psych, and alt-pop. This ability to seamlessly merge genres whilst playfully experimenting with textural dynamics and songwriting concepts is perfectly exemplified in FAST DE’s debut single “Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem”, which is released today alongside the news on the album. Built around a Battles-esque synthesizer loop, the track melds groove-heavy basslines with frenetic drum breaks and psych infused electronic melodies.

Speaking on the new single, Esken’s says, “This track comes from a deep intense feeling of joyfulness and playfulness. That feeling you could have as a kid running through a forest in autumn and everything feels beautiful and mysterious, and you fall on the leaves on the ground and get up and run and fall and run. It’s a musical scream coming from this feeling, and at the same time it’s also a longing for this feeling. A longing because I realize that grown-up people have less time to experience this kind of playfulness and joyfulness, as well as they struggle how to express this when life is serious and mature. In other words: more time to do nothing and play please! More time to find gems.”

The track is also accompanied by an innovative visual, which was created by audio-visual composer and software developer Tarik Barri, who is known for his work collaborating with artists like Thom Yorke, Paul Jebanasam, Nicolas Jaar, and Robert Henke.


Speaking on the video, Barri says, “The track has a beautiful, ever-evolving energy, and I felt the best way to express this was by dancing to it. So I pointed the webcam at myself to try and capture this physical expression as a foundation, as a canvas to then further paint on. I then applied some self-made visuals using a program called Videosync, which basically turns Ableton Live (a music sequencer) into an amazingly flexible visual creation tool. With Videosync, you can add visual instruments and effects to Live: instead of using tracks to create music, you can use them to create and manipulate visuals. Volume faders become brightness faders, midi notes create colours, and you can manipulate and “play” these video tracks alongside the audio tracks, all in realtime.

Since I am one of the programmers of this software, I get to put my ideas into this software, and the creation of this video clip definitely inspired the design of some of the instruments and effects I used here. Some of these are still under development but I’m looking forward to soon releasing them for use by other people, as well.”

With their debut album “Sight Inside” on the horizons, this debut single invites you into FAST DE’s kaleidoscopic world of complex rhythms, spirited improv, and playful melodies, and with new live dates on the horizon there is no better time to discover them.

June 30th: Doelen Studio – Rotterdam (NL)
July 2nd: Tweetakt Festival – Utrecht (NL)
July 20th: Valkhof Festival – Nijmegen (NL)
August 6th: Amersfoort Jazz Festival – Amersfoort (NL)
August 19/20th: De Ruimte Festival @ Sexyland – Amsterdam (NL)
October 28th: RAUW Festival @ Rotown – Rotterdam (NL)

“Sight Inside”
Bloomer Records


1. Hopelijk
2. AH
3. Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem
4. Good To Get Lost
5. W.T.M.W.O.M.
6. Was Dat
7. Sight Inside

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