Bay Area-Based Indie Conscious Rocker Releases New Single “Exploring”

Bay Area-Based Indie Conscious Rocker Releases New Single “Exploring”

Bay Area-Based indie conscious rocker Andrew Thomases has released his newest single, “Exploring”.

“’Exploring’” is about overcoming burnout.  Sometimes life gets tedious and we lose the sense of adventure and excitement that we experience as kids.  As the song says, “Life can suck the life out of you.”  The solution, in my mind, is to ensure that you are always trying something new, exploring different things, trying the untried. 

In some ways, “Exploring” is semi-autobiographical.  Mid-life has hit, and sometimes I feel I am in a rut.  Taking up song-writing and recording helped me escape the doldrums, as does traveling to new places and learning new things.  As the lyrics explain, “Tap into your sense of adventure; try something crazy, wild, and new.”  Learning and living new experiences keeps life interesting and can be the antidote to the stagnation life can throw at you.”    

At the heart of Andrew Thomases’ music is one thing: he wants to stir curiosity in the hearts of his listeners. Whether it’s through singing about current events, bringing humor into music, or singing from the heart, his mission is the same, and he brings it to his audiences through retro rock rhythms infused with captivating melodies that pay homage to the greats of the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

Thomases calls his style “conscious rock”; and it is—with songs about life experiences, loss and world events, Thomases takes listeners on an emotional journey, but not without making a few jokes along the way. It is this that’s his signature style; conscious, aware, and always striving for more—but never losing his sense of humor.

Growing up just north of New York City, Andrew watched his father pursue his passion for bass guitar, before picking up his own at the age of 12. Throughout high school, he organized and played in cover bands around his hometown, developing an ear for unusual chord progressions, and he continued to explore music during college, where he enjoyed a role as a DJ for the school’s radio station.  

Today, Thomases creates music that’s inspired by his move to San Francisco, and all of the experiences that have, and continue to shape him.

“A number of my songs reflect my beliefs about our role in the world and society, and about the problems that face us today,” Andrew explains. Indeed, many of his songs examine changes in society and our impact on the environment. However, the singer-songwriter does not shy away from satire and humor, using it as a device to break up the serious nature of the themes he addresses. Since making his debut in 2021, Thomases has impacted listeners throughout the United States and beyond with his personal stories and enlightened perspective on world events, sharing his thoughts through poignant lyrics that spark curiosity and reflection while advocating for change on a global scale.

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