New Music News from Scottish Artist Dot Allison

New Music News from Scottish Artist Dot Allison

Dot Allison Taps The Anchoress for Dreamy Remix of Song
“Murder By Heartbreak”

Serves As The Second Single from Forthcoming Entangled
Remix EP 
Follows Lee “Scratch” Perry Remix of “Love Died In Our Arms”

EP Features Additional Reworkings from
Anton Newcombe, Saint Etienne, & Lomond Campbell
Out On May 27, 2022 on SA Recordings

“Murder By Heartbreak” Available On All Streaming Platforms
Listen Here

After the haunting folk stylings of her critically acclaimed 2021 album Heart-Shaped Scars, it seemed the perfect time for Scottish artist Dot Allison to revisit nearly three decades of making a diverse array of music – kicking off with the release of the late Lee “Scratch” Perry’s remix of “Love Died in Our Arms” in February. The first single from her upcoming Entangled Remix EP, It was Perry’s last work and recalled the dub/reggae inclinations of Dot’s first band One Dove

She continues to share singles from the EP, with the never-before-heard “Murder By Heartbreak”, remixed by The Anchoress. The musical persona of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Catherine Anne Davies, she brings a vast array of musical experience to her reimagining of the song, having collaborated in the past with such renowned artists such as Simple Minds and Manic Street Preachers.

Why this track will blow your mind:

“It was a thrill to have been invited by Dot to remix ‘Murder By Heartbreak’ for her EP.” Says Davies, “I’ve been a long time admirer of her work and jumped at the opportunity to transport her stunning song into the wonky world of The Anchoress, bathing the track in my collection of vintage synthesizers. My approach to the remix was very much focused around foregrounding Dot’s beautiful glacial vocal and her experimental use of the voice as instrument. Her use of breath and foreboding backing vocals to create suspense and tension in the track made it a joy to sculpt a sonic journey for the listener as the sinister narrative unravels.”

“Murder By Heartbreak,” with its lush atmosphere and abundance of steadily-building synths around ethereal vocals, is a testament to the greatest strengths of both Dot and Catherine. The Anchoress has been hailed for her singular, multi-instrumentalist ability to create a sound that is at one moment thrilling and the next moment somber and poignant, and rarely has it sounded so strikingly matched as it does Dot Allison’s hauntingly beautiful singing and songwriting.

On getting the opportunity to work with The Anchoress, Dot says, “I think Catherine, ‘The Anchoress’ is absolutely brilliant, I love her music which to me, has a beautiful sonic deep elegance and I also feel a kinship with the women, who as singer-songwriter-programmer-producers, have had to navigate a historically male-dominated industry.”

Notably, the Entangled Remix EP features collaborations that thread through Dot’s long and rich musical history. To wit, Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, who collaborated with her in the past for the soundtrack to the TV series “Annika” here reimagines Dot’s song “Cue The Tears”; Saint Etienne, who remix the track “One Love,” have an affinity with her that goes back to their mutual ties to Heavenly and legendary producer Andrew Weatherall during the early ‘90s heyday of the UK indie dance scene; and Scottish songsmith Lomond Campbell – a BAFTA-winning songwriter and shortlister for the Scottish Album of the Year Award – is also signed to Heavenly, and here weds his ambitious creative spirit with Dot’s poignant lyricism on his remix of “Ghost Orchid.”

The full combination of sounds that makes up the Entangled Remix EP is a true love letter to fans of Dot Allison, harkening back to the danceable electronica sound of her days in One Dove and breathing newfound energy into some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking songwriting of her career from Heart-Shaped Scars. In fact, that’s exactly what helped inspire Dot in choosing the name. “I titled this ‘Entangled Remix EP’ to tie with “Heart-Shaped Scars” but also in a way the slightly disparate influences on the EP spanning decades from when I was first influenced by dub music & did a remix for St. Etienne to Anton in Berlin & the Anchoress now.”

Full Track List for Entangled Remix EP

1.Love Died In Our Arms (Lee “Scratch” Perry Remix)

2.Cue The Tears (Anton Newcombe Remix)

3.One Love (Saint Etienne Remix)

4. Murder By Heartbreak (The Anchoress Remix)

5.Ghost Orchid (Lomond Campbell Remix)

About Dot Allison: 

Dot Allison will always be identified with the band that initially launched her, One Dove, whose Andy Weatherall-produced album Morning Dove White became a downbeat electronic landmark, but her own albums and collaborations amount to a much more significant body of work, with a commanding range across genres and narrative ambition. “The records that I have made were more like a window into my world,” she says. None more so than her first album in 12 years — Heart-Shaped Scars. Tranquil in sound and passionate in spirit it’s Allison’s most personal record yet. Framed by a backdrop of exquisitely sparse and intoxicating dream-folk and Allison’s vocal at its most ethereal, the album is, she reveals about “Love, loss and a universal longing for union that seems to go with the human condition.”

Since her debut solo album Afterglow in 1999, Allison has strived to keep the listener on a journey – and herself too. She revolts against what she has done before, to evolve and not just occupy the same space. That journey has taken her from Afterglow’s broad church (trip-hop, Tim Buckley-esque ballads, dance tracks, chilled psychedelia) to the sultry synth-pop of We Are Science (2002), the lush, baroque Exaltation Of Larks (2007) and the eclectic, rootsy drama of Room 7½ (2009). The range of guest stars on Allison’s records is equally broad: where else would you find a cast list that includes Kevin Shields, Hal David, Paul Weller, Pete Doherty and Darren Emerson. Likewise, Allison’s own guest roles with the likes of Massive Attack, Scott Walker, Slam, Philip Shepard, The Babyshambles & Pete Doherty, underlining the huge respect her peers hold her in.

Allison also hears elements of The Wicker Man film soundtrack (she once sung ‘Gently Johnny’ at Glastonbury) and the influence of folk-minded artists in her record collection, such as Linda Perhacs, Karen Dalton, Gene Clark, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Nick Drake, Opal, Mazzy Star, Brian Wilson and, most poignantly, the late Andy Weatherall. “Andy championed, signed and mentored me,” she says. “He gave me so many compilations that broadened my musical tastes… I hear his influence throughout all of my albums.” 

Heart-Shaped Scars may have the richness and metaphorical depth of poetry but it’s balanced out by classic tropes of singer-songwriters through the ages. The sentiments behind ‘Cue The Tears’, ‘Love Died In Our Arms’ and ‘Goodbye’ are direct appeals from the heart; melodically too, they chime with torch-singing and soul traditions. Allison’s father was a botanist, and her mother a musician; eventually, the DNA of music took this former bio-chemistry student in a very different direction – and with good reason too. “To me, music is a sort of tonic or an antidote to a kind of longing, for a while at least,” she concludes.  Heart-Shaped Scars has that very same impact: an antidote to stress, a beautiful, restorative and inspiring balm for these times. 

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