American Guitarist/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Nick Palma Releases New Single “LANTERNS” + Video

American Guitarist/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Nick Palma Releases New Single “LANTERNS” + Video

Nick Palma released his new single “LANTERNS” to all major platforms along with the official music video.

Nick Palma is an American guitarist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Through years of honing his craft, he has developed a style that infuses strong melody, heavy rhythms, and blazing shred guitar. Born in the suburbs of New York, he knew at the age of 10 that music was his passion. Some of his early influences include Slash, Synyster Gates, Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page and more.

Prior to his solo debut, Palma is best known for being the main songwriter and driving force behind the band Another Days Armor. Having formed the band in 2014 along with drummer Alec Keshishian, the band began to see success after years of hard work, perseverance, and learning how to navigate the music industry. After an abrupt hiatus of the band in 2020, he decided to push forward with a career in music, except without the constraints of others holding him back any longer.

Shortly after his decision to pursue a solo career, Palma took songs he had already written along with brand new ideas to write his first full length album with the help of Keshishian on drums. The debut single “The World Ends With You” is just a small taste of what to expect from the full length slated to release early next year. His main goal with his music is to make the listener feel the emotions rooted into the songs as they were written. “Music is a universal language and some of us who don’t sing have just as much to say” says Nick.

Nick Palma’s music can be streamed/downloaded at:

Nick Palma Music


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“The World Ends With You”

“We’ll Never Know”

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