Guitarist Jason Richardson Shares “P00mbachu!” Video

Guitarist Jason Richardson Shares “P00mbachu!” Video


Guitarist Jason Richardson has shared the video for his latest single “P00mbachu!

Watch it below.

“This song is definitely one of the crazier ones on the album,” he says. “It’s got a few different genre tangents that it goes off in. And if you’re familiar with the first album, this is Part 2 to the song ‘Hos Down,’ in a way, with its quirkiness and the different sections it has. This song is definitely a wild ride and the video is just as intense.”

II, the new album from Richardson and Luke Holland, will release on July 15. Pre-order it here.



“Upside Down”

Jason Richardson is an American heavy metal guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher from Virginia. Known for a highly original, deeply technical style on seven and eight string guitars, he began establishing his reputation when he joined All Shall Perish while in high school. The son of a musician, he took piano lessons in the fourth grade. While he could emulate what his teacher was doing on the keys, he couldn’t learn to read music at the time. 

In fifth grade, he experimented with violin and drums, with the kit serving as his main instrument. He wanted to learn guitar so he could write songs. His father gave him a gothic black Gibson Les Paul at the age of 12 and he practiced endlessly. He became obsessed with Dream Theater (particularly the song “This Dying Soul”) and resorted to cutting lawns and doing odd jobs so he could purchase a seven-string instrument. He bought his first at 14 and began developing his inventive technique while in the band Gallows Hill alongside future Veil of Maya bassist Danny Hauser.

Richardson eventually answered a trade ad to audition for All Shall Perish. He left high school three months before his scheduled graduation and hit the road for ten months with All Shall Perish. While his band was touring with Born of Osiris, Richardson filled in for Tosin Abasi, who had a scheduling conflict. While All Shall Perish had time off, Richardson began his tenure with Born of Osiris. He remained with the group for two years, and played on 2011’s Discovery.

Richardson eventually toured with deathcore act Chelsea Grin, filling in for departing guitarist Michael Stafford. He was unceremoniously fired from Born of Osiris in 2011 and fully joined Chelsea Grin, remaining with the band until departing amicably in 2015.

The guitarist next crowdfunded his debut solo effort, I, quickly reaching his goal. He played most of the instruments himself and enlisted help from friends including drummer Luke Holland, vocalists Spencer Sotelo and Lukas Magyar, guitarists Rick Graham, Nick Johnston, Jacky Vincent, Mark Holcomb and Jeff Loomis.


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