OSLO’s “Great Places” is a Don’t-Miss on May 20th

OSLO’s “Great Places” is a Don’t-Miss on May 20th

TJ Horansky, former guitarist for the pop-punk band Sleep On It (RIP), hasn’t hung up his guitar just yet. Or put away his drums. Or his mic. In fact, the Chicago-based artist has taken his multi-instrumentalist skills and used them to put together his debut, full-length album “Great Places.”

An album with a sound of his own, OSLO (acronym for SOLO – get it?) the subject matter is isolation and anxiety captured over the last couple of years. Bearing that in mind, the album is quite relatable to many. My first impression immediately upon listening to it was, ‘This is very early-Dashboard [Confessional].’ OSLO has that same smooth emotion-filled voice that is able to convey his feelings to the listener so vividly that you sometimes get goosebumps — the same way Chris Carrabba had the ability to do when I would listen to The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most. Maybe that’s just me. Nah, I doubt it.

“Loma Prieta” is the most recent single from the album. The track is about basically trying to be everything to everyone while also feeling like you’re a mess yourself. Hey, we’ve all been there. Besides definitely having the DC vibes, there are also some vague pre-2003 Brand New vibes during 1:38 – 1:49 (which I totally dig because Brand New is one of my favorite bands). Also, there’s a pretty sick riff at 3:13. You can check out that video below.

Another track that I thought was quite interesting was “Placebo. I didn’t really know what to expect; to be honest, the album itself has all sorts of surprises as far as sound is concerned. This track was no exception. At :55, there’s a pretty steady bass pick-up that wasn’t expected but was definitely most welcomed. Once the 1:20 mark came, the strings came along with it – and that’s when my heart belonged to the song (because I’m a pure sucker for strings). Little surprises like this are scattered throughout, and they’re what make this album so captivating.

OSLO’s Great Places drops via Christmas Records on May 20th. Don’t miss out!

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