Fragile Creatures Brand-New Single ‘Grandaddy’

Fragile Creatures Brand-New Single ‘Grandaddy’


Brighton yacht punk 5-piece Fragile Creatures have returned with brand-new single Grandaddy, as they also joined Hull’s indie icons Red Guitars for live shows at Brighton’s Green Door Store and The 100 Club in London this past April.

Whilst on occasions drawing comparisons with the likes of Blur and Pulp, the band’s unlikely fusion of yacht rock’s smooth melodic grandiosity and the rough edges of new wave sees them very much taking their own musical path.

The engaging positivity of the single’s chorus line “We’re never gonna give up on you” hides a more serious sentiment, wrapped up in weighty thoughts about militarism and unquestioning national pride, but the overarching message is that we mustn’t give up on each other, on human sympathy, kindness and hope.

Vocalist/songwriter Adam Kidd explains further:

“We often get sold a story of war being waged to liberate the vulnerable, when the truth is shadier: bound up in the flow of resources and economic gains that barely get mentioned on TV. At a time when Russian soldiers are being told they’re on a mission to rescue their neighbours from fascist bogeymen this seems increasingly relevant. Let’s not give up on each other, on human sympathy, kindness and hope. Let’s not stop asking those uncomfortable questions.”

Grandaddy drops just shy of two years after Fragile Creatures’ second album, Punk Yacht. Let’s admit, 2020 wasn’t a great year for bringing a record into the world but, miraculously, it reached more ears than ever before. Recorded in and, thanks to the pandemic, promoted from their little studio in Portslade-by-Sea, it’s been a strange triumph and forms a mission statement for a band with a stubborn refusal to stop making music, no matter what stands in the way.

“Take the profit out of war, we don’t need it any more”, sang Jeremy Kidd of Red Guitars on their 1983 single Fact. It’s fitting that nearly 40 years later Jeremy’s son, Adam, will be singing this new single with its own anti-war message whilst supporting the iconic 80s band on their reunion tour at shows in Brighton and London.

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