Out Today! Loose Fit Release Debut Album ‘Social Graces’ via FatCat Records

Out Today! Loose Fit Release Debut Album ‘Social Graces’ via FatCat Records


Debut album Social Graces

Out today via FatCat Records

Listen HERE

Photo Credit: Gabriel Castro

Today, Australia’s Loose Fit release their long-awaited debut album Social Graces via FatCat Records – 11 tracks of rhythmically-taut, anxiety-driven post-punk featuring the distinctive vocal chants of singer/sax player Anna Langdon.

Including previous singles ‘Exhale‘, ‘ Stupid Drama‘, and the title trackSocial Graces is a journey through familiar deeply human themes as well as sharp observations of contemporary absurdity. Lyrics about love, hope, fear, loss, and pain are woven amongst visual depictions of acquisition culture, weather patterns, digital life, adventures in wild landscapes, deep introspection, parties and mundane daily experiences.

Listen to Social Graces HERE

Cover By Anna Langdon

I think the album is a truthful document of a weird time. Covid-era has sucked (of course), but did give us time to explore new sounds and ways of working. It was a shit time to be a band, but it was great to have a vessel to channel all our anxieties and pent-up energy into. I think the album has all that fucked-up 2020/2021 energy in it.”, Bassist Richard Martin says.

Made up of Kaylene Milner, Anna Langdon, Max Edgar, and Richard Martin, Kaylene and Anna met in fashion school and instantly bonded through their love of experimental music. After toying with low-fi bedroom recordings, the pair recruited Max Edgar on guitar and Richard Martin on bass and started making some actual noise. With Kaylene behind the kit and Anna on sax and vocal duties, Loose Fit’s unique and focussed sound began to take shape. Kaylene is also behind cult knitwear brand WAH-WAH Australia with items worn by Noel Fielding, Karen O, The Linda Lindas, and even Kim Gordon.

They take cues from some of the more adventurous groups from the 70s/80s post-punk and No Wave scenes that eschewed the blueprint and started looking to funk, dub and elsewhere for inspiration. On top of these foundational grooves lay guitar lines that alternate between scratchy and screechy, punctuated by Anna’s catchy vocal hooks and intermittent sax skronk.

Anna is behind the album’s unique artwork, “It was a painting I would return to and try to resolve throughout 2020, but it turned into a collection of doodles. It never was fully resolved, it’s just the strange vibrant ramblings of my subconscious during 2020, like the scribbles in a notepad you have by your phone. It does have a few references to things I was thinking about when writing the lyrics though. The band really liked it so now it’s the album cover.”

There will be 3 versions of the vinyl – standard black, a green vinyl only available through the FatCat webstore/Bandcamp, and a Rough Trade exclusive limited to 100 with a hand printed sleeve made by Anna.

Previous support for Loose Fit:

“Pursuing solitary aims, their post-punk indebted sound is barbed, wiry, and overwhelmingly infectious.” 


“it’s the way that [Anna] Langdon delivers them, in her Mark E Smith, deadpan, disinterested, eye-rolling tone that binds the themes of the song together so well.” 

– Euphoria

“It’s sharp, clean, and doesn’t have any pretensions of itself. ‘Social Graces’ is a really solid piece of music from a solid set of musicians.” 

– So Young

“…full of swaggering post-punk anthems, the band themselves describe it as a “moody critique of the absurd”, juxtaposing emotional subject matter with off-the-wall imagery.


“The track’s staunch rhythm is layered with an infectious groove that truly shows off the band’s creative flair.” 

– The Line Of Best Fit

“Their new single Social Graces is inspired by the awkward post-lockdown era of trying to remember how to interact as humans again, which manifests as a tightly wound ball of post-punk tinged nervous energy.” 

– Stylist


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