Waxflower’s ‘The Sound of What Went Wrong’ Sounds Like Something Gone Right

Waxflower’s ‘The Sound of What Went Wrong’ Sounds Like Something Gone Right

There’s no denying that there’s been a resurgence of punk pop in the world of music, and to be honest, I’m not complaining. Maybe this will lead to to second-coming of other things, like Vans Warped Tour (ha, wishful thinking, right?). Even though we’ve yet to have our Warped rebirth, this Punk-Pop comeback has ushered in some noteworthy talent.

Enter Waxflower.

Comprised of four bandmates from Brisbane, Australia back in 2020, the band is no stranger to playing sold-out shows and performing alongside bands such as Stand Atlantic and Simple Plan. Most recently, they are preparing to release their 5-track EP The Sound of What Went Wrong, out April 29th via Rude Records.

The Sound of What Went Wrong
Track Listing
1. Ring
2. Soak
3. The Drama Scene
4. Two Thumbs
5. Misaligned Love

To start, the entire EP radiates that punk-pop feel that I can only describe as “bouncy” – which is ironic, considering most of the lyrical content is a bit ominous. The topics covered in each of the tracks range from depression to self-inflicted negativity; something that one wouldn’t really notice unless they were to either listen closely or pull up the lyrics. The catchy hooks and those riffs that easily get stuck in your head have such an airy feel that they are able to take a song with one meaning and masquerade it into something seemingly different.

“Ring” is a track that talks about frontman Tristan Higginson’s self-doubt as an artist. And, for anyone in the music industry, it’s most likely a feeling that is all-too familiar. It’s most definitely not an easy industry to be in, whether you’re a performer or in PR. There will be those who want to see you succeed and there will be those who want to see you fail, but the most important thing remains the same, and that is to keep your creative spirit alive.

“Soak” is honestly my favorite track from the EP, and that’s because I dig the heavier riffs at 2:05. That’s an element that I personally felt really added a little bit “extra” to the track and I loved every bit of it. It’s also the track that I resonated with the most.

I don't think you know how dead I've been // Huddled in the dark with that fucked up feeling

Verse by verse it becomes more and more apparent that this track is about feeling at your worst and just wanting the pain to stop. They’re real feelings, it’s a real topic, and one that too often people are hush-hush about and treat as taboo because they “weren’t raised that way” and talking about feelings is a sign of weakness (newsflash: it’s not). Waxflower’s ability to not only put such raw feelings into words, but lay those feelings out in a way that just nails it so damn well is, well, impressive.

“The Drama Scene” is just all-too-relatable for everyone at least once in their lifetime – and if you say this has never been you, I’m calling you out right now. This track, although to the ears seems to have a lighter sound, is about having social life that is filled with self-inflicted negativity. Honestly, that just sounds like my 20’s.

And I know I'm not one to speak 
But we've all been hurt and we will all hurt each other every week
It's high life in the drama scene
It's gonna get bad before it gets better

Both “Two Thumbs” and “Misguided Love” are bonus tracks on the EP, with the latter featuring American rising artist Sydney Sprague, also signed to Rude Records. “Two Thumbs” showcases vocals more than any of the other tracks, while “Misguided Love” takes you on a harmonious journey of two timelines that never merged.

Waxflower’s The Sound of What Went Wrong is set to release on Friday, April 29th, 2022 via Rude Records.

Waxflower Is:

Tristan Higginson
Daniel Seymour
Nick Hargens
Jordan Beard

For More Info on Waxflower:

Website: www.waxflowermusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/waxflowermusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/waxflowermusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/waxflowermusic

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