Rock|Life Magazine Transfers Ownership; New Chief Editor In Place

An Important Message for Our Partners and Readers:

Change is a constant and not always bad. In fact, we have to learn to adapt in order to keep up. It’s hard to believe that Rock|Life has already been operating for 3 years! When I joined the staff back in 2018, I had no idea exactly how busy I would be – so many requests for interviews, reviews, PR pushes – this was an entire other world to me. After all, I was simply a stay-at-home mom who had a Beauty and Lifestyle blog with a small music section. I could have never prepared myself for the amazing opportunities this gig has provided me.

Fast forward to now. Rock|Life Magazine has daily viewership worldwide and we work with PR firms and record labels across the globe. I’ve learned of so many independent bands through the Rock|Life inbox, many of which have become some of my favorites. I’ve gotten to watch the progression of one of my favorite bands go from doing YouTube covers to being signed to a major record label and I’ve gotten to meet them in person. To say this entire experience has been surreal is a major understatement.

And I have zero intention of stopping.

Yesterday, Steve and I had a discussion about the future of Rock|Life. It’s become my baby (aside from my actual babies, that is) and I pour my heart and soul into it. That’s why we have decided to switch some roles up. Effective immediately, I have graciously accepted Ownership and Chief Editor of Rock|Life Magazine. Steve is still on staff as one of my amazing contributors and, hopefully once we’re able to go to our beloved shows again, we can share his truly amazing concert photography as well (because it’s pretty bad ass).

2020 might be really weird for the music industry, but as they say: The show must go on. So to all the creatives out there: Please keep creating. It’s because of you and your amazing talent that outlets like us are able to do what we do. We’re gonna be alright.

Rock On,

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