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2020 has certainly been a crazy year so far – definitely one I don’t think anyone will forget. The constant ups and downs can take a toll on people’s mental health – shutdowns, everything seeming to become politicized, even wondering if things will ever go back to “normal” or if this is it – the new normal. And during such a tumultuous time when it seems like everyone is already on edge, a person could be very fragile and one might not even realize it.

Enter L.A.- based Alt-Rock band, WEATHERS. With mental health being something incredibly important to them, they’re reaching people through their music. We at Rock|Life were able to chat with lead singer Cameron Boyer about the band and what makes them tick.

RL: Hey!  So first off, thanks for taking part in this interview.  How have you been holding up during the craziness that is 2020 so far?

CB: Fine for the most part; like everyone, there’s good days and bad days.

RL: So tell us a little about how Weathers got its start – how did everyone get together?

CB: I met Cameron Olsen in a battle of the bands. Cole’s dad and my dad played in a band together, and I met Brennen through a bass player audition page that I had made on Facebook.   We’ve all been playing music together since high school when we started Weathers, it was just a natural progression like any other band.

RL: The name is pretty unique, is there any meaning behind it that you can expand on?

CB: Honestly, no cool story, haha.  We just liked the way it sounded, it just resonated.

RL: It’s really great that your work talks about social anxiety, mental health, and the struggles of really coming into your own element.  It certainly helps to make the music relatable.

CB: Mental health has been a huge part of my life. My mom is bipolar 1 and schizophrenic.  Recently I have been diagnosed with depression, sought help and would encourage others, through our music, to seek help.  

RL: Let’s chat about ‘C’est La Vie.’  What was the inspiration behind this track and what’s it about? 

CB: C’est La Vie is about accepting things you can’t change and being okay with that.  I can’t think of an inspiration for the song itself, I just wanted the message to come across as just making the best of and with what you’ve got.  

RL: You’re supposed to be on tour, coming right out of a postponement due to Coronavirus.  Are you nervous at all?

CB: It’s been postponed to Feb. 2021.  Hopeful it will happen and super bummed that it had to be postponed, but clearly our fans’ safety comes first.  

RL: What’s your favorite part of tour life?  And then, of course, what’s your least favorite part?

CB: Favorite part is playing shows in front of energetic crowds – that interaction is such a high.  Another favorite: I love the drives – just seeing the country. Least favorite part: When the schedule is so tight that we don’t get a lot of sleep – and sharing a bed with Cameron Olsen.  

RL: Circling back to mental health awareness, you have a partnership with both The Jed Foundation and Wear Your Music.  Talk to us about those – what made you want to partner up with them specifically and what’s the purpose?

CB: We partnered with the Jed Foundation due to their obvious focus on mental health, specifically with teenagers.  Wear Your Music Cameron Olsen sent some strings to for some bracelets; unfortunately Olsen isn’t around to answer that part directly.  Both are rad foundations that are doing amazing things.  

RL: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians today?

CB: Be honest with yourselves and be open to criticisms.

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