Bibi Bourelly + Barny Fletcher feature on new Jacknife Lee single “The Studio” | New album “The Jacknife Lee” out July 17

Bibi Bourelly + Barny Fletcher feature on new Jacknife Lee single “The Studio” | New album “The Jacknife Lee” out July 17

JACKNIFE LEE shares video for new single The Studio ft Bibi Bourelly & Barny Fletcher

New album featuring Genesis Owusu, Earl St Clair, Beth Ditto, Sneaks, Haviah Mighty, Petite Noir, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Bibi Bourelly, Barny Fletcher, Aloe Blacc and Open Mike Eagle

The album “The Jacknife Lee” to be released July 17 via Slow Kids Records

Producer Jacknife Lee has shared a brand-new single from his latest album project. “The Studio”, featuring the vocals of Def Jam singer Bibi Bourelly and singer & rapper Barny Fletcher, is the latest single to emerge from new LP “The Jacknife Lee”, due July 17.
“The Studio” follows recent singles “I’m Getting Tired (feat. Earl St. Clair and Beth Ditto)” and “Made It Weird (feat. Open Mike Eagle) – each of which picked up airplay across BBC 6 Music, Radio 1 and Radio X – and is a track routed in theme of following your own path. 

Bibi Bourelly comments: “I wrote this song about a time in my life where I felt that everyone doubted and judged me for wanting to be myself. I guess this was just my response to anyone who tried to put me in a box or wanted me to reflect what they wanted to see instead of accepting me as I was. I was never stupid – I was just different. Too different to do things traditionally. I wanted to pave my own way and so I did that.”

Barny adds: “I started working with Jacknife back in 2018, at his home studio in Topanga. I call it the spaceship. It’s mad. Jacknife emailed me a version of ‘Studio’ with just Bibi on it asking if I wanted to hop on it. Working with Jacknife is always a pleasure so I was excited to jump on this track.”

Jacknife Lee continues: “Bibi came to the studio for a few hours one day and we did two songs The Studio and That’s What All Boys Do. She’s fantastic, really intuitive, sharp and speedy. I had some of the beat and groove and we talked about her journey to the States and this song pretty much summed up the conversation. I felt it needed another vocal flavor and met Barny Fletcher, the dynamo. From the moment we met he never stopped singing and rapping and I put this in front of him”.

Listen to The Studio ft. Bibi Bourelly & Barny Fletcher on streaming services HERE

Watch the video for The Studio ft. Bibi Bourelly & Barny Fletcher below.

More about the album “The Jacknife Lee” 

“The Jacknife Lee” is a new album featuring Genesis Owusu, Earl St Clair, Beth Ditto, Sneaks, Haviah Mighty, Petite Noir, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Bibi Bourelly, Barny Fletcher, Aloe Blacc, and Open Mike Eagle. 

“The Jacknife Lee” is an album with its roots in unpredictability. Lee freely admits that he had no intention of even making a record. However, with so much time spent inside what he calls the “studio bubble”, he began to write letters to a variety of artists, to express his admiration and thank them for the great work they were doing. It is here that the story of “The Jacknife Lee” begins, as intermittent pockets of studio time, WhatsApped beats and verses, and organized “blind dates”, turned into the relationships that would form a lovingly curated record. 

“The Jacknife Lee” is also a record that sees one of the world’s most in-demand producers discovering new ways of working, and revelling in the role of being a music fan again. He would immerse himself in processes that would be alien to some of the Big Names, and found his love for the record in amongst the experimentation and uncertainty of what would come from it. He says: “It’s usually my job to organize the sessions and to a certain extent be the grown up in the room. This is me not being that.” The result is a trans-continental record of African beats and electronic music that exists in its own world, and only for itself. 
As well as being one of the most in-demand producers in the game, Garret “Jacknife” Lee has form as an artist. In a past life the Irishman was guitarist in early Nineties New Wave of New Wave combo Compulsion. Then he was a solo artist, under his own name and as Jack Planck. But his last solo joint was in 2007. For a good decade he was busy elsewhere, producing, at a prodigious rate, artists in his Los Angeles studio or on the road. Yet his side-hustle as an obsessive noisemaker never abated. He was always writing, sketching, recording. Always accumulating songs, or bits of songs, or ideas for songs. That’s what you do when you have (a) as encyclopedic a knowledge of music as Lee does, (b) tastes as globe-rattling diverse as Lee does, and (c) all the attributes of a proper recording studio nut. 

Finally, the dam burst. An idea for an album was accumulating. He wanted to combine two of his big sonic loves, African beats and electronics music, and experiment with these alongside artists he loved.

Pre-order the album HERE.

Barny Fletcher
Jacknife Lee – “The Jacknife Lee” album artwork

1. Flutter feat. Genesis Owusu
2. I’m Getting Tired feat. Earl St Clair and Beth Ditto
3. What Does It Mean?
4. Hit The Bell feat. Sneaks & Haviah Mighty
5. Hell
6. Firewalls feat. Petite Noir
7. Sisa Wabaya feat. Muthoni Drummer Queen
8. The Studio feat. Bibi Bourelly and Barny Fletcher
9. I Gave You Everything feat. Aloe Blacc
10. That’s What All Boy Do feat. Bibi Bourelly
11. Wawa
12. Made It Weird feat. Open Mike Eagle
13. Flow

Jacknife Lee: Website | Twitter Instagram

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