JULIEN-K Premieres New Lyric Video for “Stronger Without You” on GhostCultMag.com

JULIEN-K Premieres New Lyric Video for “Stronger Without You” on GhostCultMag.com

Industrial/electro rockers Julien-K, founded by original Orgy members Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh have premiered their new lyric video for single “Stronger Without You” on https://www.ghostcultmag.com today!

The video can be seen here: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-premiere-julien-k-stronger-without-you/

“Stronger Without You takes us back to our roots in Orgy “Candyass” era. We consciously wanted to revisit the spirit and tone we created when we started Orgy. The 90’s influence, the heavy detuned guitars with strong electro roots – truly OUR roots. The lyrics use apocalyptic language to tell the story of a toxic person choking on their own negativity. Truly Julien-K!” says vocalist Ryan Shuck.

The band released their album titled Harmonic Disruptor through TLG/INgrooves earlier this year. The title track off of the album, “Harmonic Disruptor,” was released as a single on January 24th. Their second single “Shut Down Your Soul” dropped on February 28th and the third single “Stronger Without You” dropped on March 20th.

The full album can be bought/streamed here.

Julien-K is an independent electro-rock band formed in Long Beach, CA in 2008 by long time friends and collaborators Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck (founding members of Orgy, Dead By Sunrise). Later joined by Anthony “Fu” Valcic in 2009, the band recorded its now classic debut album Death To Analog. Over the last 10 years, the band has released multiple albums and toured extensively, and has become one of the most successful crowd-funded bands in the world. Despite the band’s dark & stylistic videos and Blade Runner-esque imagery, the band has focused on a totally “connected” independent and authentic fan-focused career path – often avoiding a more classic commercial approach.

After a 5th #1 crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, Julien-K released their newest album, Harmonic Disruptor. Nicknamed “JKHD” by the band and fans, this album saw the band return to Shuck and Derakh’s early roots in heavy 90’s industrial and even paid homage to their early work on Orgy’s debut album, CandyassHarmonic Disruptor also brought in fresh blood from old friends Bidi Cobra and Alex Gonzales (Matte Black, By An Ion). Gonzales and Cobra both brought in new energy and additional songwriting in the constantly evolving nuclear explosion that is Julien-K.

1. Harmonic Disruptor
2. Cross
3. Stronger Without You
4. Lies Like Fire
5. Shut Down Your Soul
6. As The Sirens Call
7. Burn The System
8. Undo Everything

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