French Lo-Fi Beatmaker Mounika. Releases Sophomore LP “I Need Space” Out Now

French Lo-Fi Beatmaker Mounika. Releases Sophomore LP “I Need Space” Out Now

100% of Proceeds via Bandcamp on June 19th were Donated to NAACP & IFHR – International Federation for Human Rights




Discreet by nature, Mounika.’s album creates a dream-like space with his electro chill beats.

“While Mounika. isn’t normally one to jump on stage when the opportunity presents itself, his technical understanding and sampling abilities have made him a favorite amongst the Soundcloud community, propelling to over 75 million plays for his single, “Cut My Hair” across the globe on SC alone, and in just a few short months.  His new opus “I Need Space,” feels true to his introverted nature, while in a strange way exploring the larger, less comfortable areas of life & ourselves.” High Times Magazine

In June 2017 Mounika. unveiled his debut LP “How Are You” that featured the single “Cut My Hair,” which amassed over 75+ million plays throughout the world organically with no promotion behind it.  Now three years later, Mounika. returns with a new project on a base he particularly likes, that of electro chill.  Discreet by nature and himself surprised by this craze, Mounika. responds to himself by naming this new opus “I Need Space,” as a nod to his previous album “How Are You.”  Listening to these 9 tracks, a dialogue is established between the artist and his inner self.   

With there being no better way than to start at the beginning, on April 10 Mounika. released the album’s first offering ‘Intro (I’m Sorry),’ a two and a half minute album foreword naturally aligning itself to infinite visual possibilities.  A melancholic, soft and dreamlike atmosphere, a perfect remedy against gloom, for the first time, Mounika. distances himself from his usual creative process: the art of sampling. In “Intro (I’m Sorry),” it is himself who composes the piano melody and lays his voice on it, then inspired by a track by Chilly Gonzales. The single quickly amassed over one million streams, and landed the #1 spot on the much applauded Hype Machine’s Popular Chart. “Intro (I’m sorry)”  has been featured in over 3K Spotify playlists (Release Radar + Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mix) and received “Best Release of the Week” on Apple, Amazon and other platforms, all organic growth.

Mounika. is seduced by this new way of composing and will even end up sticking to it for all the tracks on “I Need Space“, giving this project a very special flavor. All except the track “Tender Love“. The day after the discovery of Ocie Elliott‘s track “I Got You, Honey,” he offered to re-release it. After a few reworked samples of which only Mounika. knows the secret, “Tender Love” became one of the strongest tracks of the “I Need Space” project. Mounika. didn’t hesitate for a second to suggest the track to his long-time friend, the director Louis Faury for the visual. Filmed in 4:3 format, the characters, as caricatural as they are endearing, as well as the photography used, transport us into a timeless sphere, that of love.  Watch ‘Tender Love’ here. 

In this time of self-isolation, the world has taken to Mounika.’s soothing, lo-fi hip hop beats for comfort. ‘Tender Love’ has surpassed over 1.1 Million plays, again claimed the #1 Spot On HypeM’s Popular Chart and has been featured on Amazon ‘Best New Music’ , Apple ‘New Music Daily, ‘ Spotify’s Electric Posé Discoveries , Spotify Summer Vibes 2020Deezer ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Chill Relax’.

Like a humble celebration in Mounika’s own style, this dreamlike odyssey that is “I Need Space” ends smoothly on “Roadsky” and “Soft You,” with a tempo flirting with deep house. He then sees in “I Need Space” a “transition” project towards other musical possibilities. 

This Opus is a nostalgic, introspective and intense journey, taking us on a memory stroll, between happy memories and unfinished dreams… 

In one image, Mounika’s musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two rain showers, lets a summer sun shine through. 

‘I Need Space’ Track List
1. Intro (i’m sorry)
2. oBli
3. Tender Love X Ocie Elliott
4. 25h12
5. ailleurs
6. Deep Water
7. Feeling Good
8. roadsky
9. Soft you

“The utter beauty that lies within ‘Tender Love’ can be traced back to the enlightening use of acoustic guitars that swoon through the mix, and place the perfect levels of calmness into the spectrum before the electronic influence comes into play with the crisp beats that groove away in the background.” – Acid Stag

“It’s weird to verbalize the clarity I find in the glitches of this record. It’s got a lot of different vibes throughout, but calling it a vibe is definitely accurate, and one that feels like home even on the first listen” – Magnetic Mag

 “Delicate and sparkling with intelligence”. – Sun Burns Out

“The track blends the line between hip hop and finely tuned sampling to create a chill piece that plays with your emotions in a genuine heartfelt manner.” – We All Want Someone to Shout For

 “The talented French producer Mounika. has this super peculiar lo-fi feel to his music.” -Stereofox

“Warm and fuzzy. The groove and chops felt authentic to his sound” – Ear Tapas

“Its a heart full piece” – BackSeat Mafia

 For fans of lo-fi and chill hip-hop beats, Mounika.’s ‘Intro (i m sorry)’ is a must-hear. Led by deep reverb drenched piano keys and hazy vocal samples, it’s best enjoyed during those slow, quieter mornings. Heck, it might just be the most relaxing thing you do all day.  -Gems and Secrets

About Mounika. 

Mounika. comes from the American version of Godard’s film “à bout de souffle”. Somewhere in the west of France, in a student’s room, the artist Mounika. is far from imagining the impact that his very first productions will have…

 From a young age, Mounika. already had a passion for music, his great curiosity led him to try his hand at many instruments, eventually gravitating towards the piano. Years go by and as he explores the dense universe of electronic music, his thirst for novelty is constantly growing. Iconic artists such as Bonobo, Air, Moby and Wax Tailor were a great source of inspiration.With musical production now an integral part of his life, Mounika.’s intention is to offer a dreamlike space, through his music, as his musical influences have done for him before. Mounika.’s inexhaustible creativity blends with his great eagerness to share his music with the world.

Mounika. publishes his first productions on SoundCloud, his delicate, sensitive and melancholic melodies never cease to resonate further and further afield, finding new audiences. In June 2017, together with a group of friends, Mounika. decides to unveil his first album “How Are You” on Spotify, which contains among others the track “Cut My Hair”. In just a few months and against all odds due to the almost non-existent means of promotion, the track amasses 70+ million plays throughout the world and allows him to make a name for himself. It is from this moment that the magic happens, as if Mounika.’s music has the power to touch a part of sensibility in each of us, a universal shared feeling.

In one image, Mounika.’s musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two showers, lets a summer sun shine through.

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