Clint Lowery Surprises fans with ep “grief & distance”

Clint Lowery Surprises fans with ep “grief & distance”

Clint Lowery, best known as part of the band Sevendust quietly released a new batch of songs for the world to hear. The EP consists of three new originals and two acoustic songs featured on his album “God Bless The Renegades” which was released at the beginning of this year.

This EP is a beautiful display of raw emotion. Each song tells its own story and the EP as a whole has an indescribably different style. The first track titled “Distance” begins with the slow-rising sound of a synthesizer. The sound is gentle but holds the listener’s attention as it builds into a heavier groove of synth, guitar and drums. Then comes the powerful voice of Clint Lowery. His lyrics indicate the possible struggles he endured through the past few months of isolation brought on by this pandemic. The whole song is a great crescendo, with both the lyrics and instrumentation starting out quiet and building into thunderous choruses. This makes a great opening track.


“Haunted” is a slower piece with a much darker sound. The lyrics are sad and the artist’s voice indicates grief. As he belts out each word, each note allows his listeners to clearly understand what he is feeling.

“I’m Wrong” is a song that sounds similar to a ballad with mellow instrumentation. Lyrically, this song consists of a mix of regret, sorrow and longing. The artist sings of embracing the wrong he’s done but also sings: “I don’t want anyone to feel the wrong I’ve done”. This leaves a hint of mystery about the meaning behind this song.

The last two tracks are stripped-down versions of songs off of Lowery’s album “God Bless The Renegades.” Both “What’s The Matter” and “Kings” (My personal favorite!) have an energy about them that reminds me of being at a small live performance.

There’s something magical about a musician and their instrument just singing and playing away with nothing else supporting them. Their singing and playing styles stand alone out in the open and shine beautifully. In this way, fans are introduced to these songs on a more personal level. In conclusion, this album is a fantastic work of art that is definitely worth a listen.

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