Alt-Pop Trio Scarlet Pleasure’s Album ‘Garden’ Out Now

Alt-Pop Trio Scarlet Pleasure’s Album ‘Garden’ Out Now



Click  HERE to listen to the new album from Scarlet Pleasure
Watch the video for “SOS” – their latest top charting single HERE.

“Scarlet Pleasure is just revving up the engine of its upcoming record Garden, but the sound of it is already clear and firing its funk on all cylinders, showcasing the trio’s rich blend of R&B and pop glazed with a sweet late 90’s colorful eccentricity in aesthetic.” EARMILK

“SOS” is the perfect summer song, and has the perfect chorus to match, with the three-letter hook ‘SOS’ probably being one of the catchiest of the year.”

“The velvet vocals of lead singer Emil Goll are in the same vein as the Weeknd, which makes sense considering the group is mining similar ’80s pop inspirations.”


 “Paying homage to the golden age of MTV – and the grunge-pop aesthetic of the late 90’s – the video is a surreal, mind-bending trip through vibrant sets, offbeat performance and a host of unusual props…Mix together Nirvana’s styling, Marilyn Manson’s video concepts, and the Windows XP wallpaper, this is where you end up.”

Garden is the brand new album from Copenhagen’s alt pop trio Scarlet Pleasure – out now. Just like in the real world, this Garden is constantly developing and even after release, new songs will blossom and will be added to the album during 2020. Watch this space!  

The first plant in the garden was “Better” and broke through the soil on March 6th.  Clash Magazine said this upon release, “A band whose grasp of pop is immaculate.”
Another plant was added when the current single, the sun kissed reggae bop “SOS” was released on May 8th.

For Scarlet Pleasure, working on the album Garden resembles stepping into a bubble, or a secret garden that serves as a microcosm for the lives, friendship and creativity of the three band members.

 “We have been in a secret garden, where imagination, playfulness, naivety is everything and where all the colours are scaled up and you have the nerve to believe in your own genius. This is also how we want our music to feel when you listen. We are not going for social realism. Making this album didn’t feel like having a grown-up job, it felt more like being in a season of Teletubbies”.

Composed of Emil Goll (Vox/guitar), Alexander Malone (Bass) and Joachim Dencker (Drums) Scarlet Pleasure has created a unique position for themselves by combining a distinct visual profile with their ability to constantly invent new tendencies. Scarlet Pleasure have been on a meteoric rise since 2014 with their unique brand of sunny, alternative pop. On a planet far, far away where the grass is always green and the only limit is the blue sky above, the band hopes to bring some optimism back to 2020 with the release of Garden.

The first chapter of Garden is named in part for Scarlet Pleasure’s dedication to living green and protecting the planet from climate change.  Their “Garden” will continue to be nurtured and grow, as they’ll add new songs throughout the fall.  

“We’ve created a place of our own where the rules of Earth don’t apply,” the band explains when talking about the making of their upcoming album Garden and the video for latest single “SOS.”

“The recent weeks and months of 2020, made us think about marginalised communities and those who are deprived of access to things in life that a lot of us take for granted. We wanted the ‘SOS’ video to transport us all to this place of simplicity and happiness,” Scarlet Pleasure continues. 

“Yeah someday, it will fall into place See those cracks there in the clouds, it gets better, it gets better.”– Scarlet Pleasure on “Better”

On “Better” – the first single released from the new album – Scarlet Pleasure reassures you that everything is going to be all right and that nothing, be it positive or negative, is permanent. ”This is a very simple philosophy for us”, says singer Emil Goll: “We want to celebrate positivity. We want to represent hope, because hope is what keeps you on your feet and from sliding into indifference.”

Check out the video below.

Filmed by Dolcerocca, the video for “SOS” provides the perfect backdrop for the song’s up-tempo, but slow reggae vibe, reminiscent of Sting and The Police. Add to that a subtle touch of the Charles Aznavour classic, “La Boheme,” mixed with Scarlet Pleasure’s irresistible youthfulness, “SOS” pairs perfectly with a fruity Summer-cocktail – and currently #2 on the Danish Airplay Chart.

Creative Director Stine Thorbøll (Copenhagen Records) said the concept of “The ‘Scarlet Pleasure Garden’ is based on the idea that life exists on its own planet where the grass is always green and the sun is always shining. The robot vacuum cleaner is your only friend and the routers need water in order to grow. The garden consists of strictly kept boxwood and wavy golf courses alá Teletubbies – a very obvious human attempt to control nature. We really liked the idea of having high energy band performances in that setting.” Additionally, the main inspiration of the video is “high production music videos from the late 90s and the early 00s,” shares Thorbøll. “Both on the overall look of the video and the comical twists. We wanted the band to have a lot of different props to interact with to make the video playful and weird.”

01: Lost 02: SOS 03: Flying 04: Hello 05: Anyway 06: Better 07: True Romance


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