Horror Dance Squad released a new single “Cancer”

Horror Dance Squad released a new single “Cancer”

Horror Dance Squad released a new single “Cancer”

Putting the “Horror” back into “Horror Dance Squad”, the band’s third single of 2020, CANCER, departs from the more melodic vocals of Party All Life and Happy Face and takes fans for a dark, raucous and ruthless ride. 

“The song is literally about cutting cancerous people out of your life,” vocalist Karl Mesipuu explains. “While the lyrics may sound harsh and exaggerated to some, they express something that I have had to deal with a lot during these past 2 years. Sometimes people in life can act with threatening behaviour that causes a lot of damage in the long run, and when forgiveness does not mean a thing to those people, it’s time to cut them out like cancer. The important part is admitting and recognising this behaviour at the right time before that cancer spreads and damages a bigger part of you.” 

“When Mikk, Indrek and Henri presented us with the instrumentals, we knew this was going to be an angry song. Fortunately, Karl had a fitting story to tell and it all came together very naturally. We were also very fortunate that Iisak Pilli of ÆØNS and Her Memorial Discourse was with us while we were recording this song so that we could get him on the track as well,” singer Ian Karell adds. “Overall, we ended up with this red hot wave of fury.”.

The single release is accompanied by the official video available now on YouTube. You can also catch Horror Dance Squad performing Cancer as well as their new and old hits at Käbliku Beer Camp and Rock’n’Roll, July 17-19. 

Check out Cancer today!


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Horror Dance Squad is:

Karl Mesipuu – vocals
Ian Karell – vocals
Henri Kuusk – drums
Indrek Ulp – guitar
Mikk Peetrimägi – guitar / bass
Margus Tammela – synths / samples / electronics

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