Blake Braley releases self-titled ep

Blake Braley is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Spokane Washington. I discovered his music through Spotify back in October and I was pleasantly surprised. As someone who mainly listens to rock and metal, this was quite a nice change. The only way to describe this artist’s style of music is soulful, sometimes sensitive, feel-good music fit for any situation.

Before the shut-down, you would find Blake and his fellow bandmates playing at Spokane nightclub Zola. Together, the dynamic four-piece unit consists of Braley on vocals, co-writer Tristan Hart Pierce (Also of Walking Papers) on guitar, Eddie Ramirez on bass and Juan Parris on drums. Due to the current world situation and state orders, concerts were banned and Tristan and Blake took matters into their own hands. The duo performs as frequently as once a week via live-streaming on Facebook and Instagram.

On April 24, the group’s second EP titled Blake Braley was released. Each track showcases each musician’s talent as an individual but also emphasizes their groove as a whole. Their first track “Never Live” is the only track to feature both a saxophone and trumpet. It’s a catchy song about being in love. This was also the first track released off of this EP as a single.

Next comes the anthemic and danceable “Neon Lights” (My personal favorite). It begins with a phenomenal bass-line by the way. This track is certain to get you moving without fail!

Then things start to unwind with a bluesy track titled “Easy”. This track is about feeling loved only when it’s convenient for the person showing said emotion. Dominated by both the keys and guitar and carefully backed by a solid rhythm section, this track is an example of just how groovy this group can get!

Things really start slowing down with a beautiful ballad called “Darlin”. This was the second song released as a single before the actual EP release. This track has the kind of sound that would go along great with some wine and candles. There’s a romantic vibe here but the lyrics indicate missing someone.

The next two tracks are rather heart-felt. “Me and You” (My second favorite) really struck a connection with me for some reason, which I have yet to put my finger on. The lyrical message communicates a feeling of longing for someone who is no longer there but used to be. I’ve mentioned how these tracks have presented themselves wonderfully through the instrumentation but it’s Blake’s incredibly soulful vocals that make this song stand out. Of course, NONE of these tracks would be what they are without his unique voice.

The final track “22” was written about hardships and overcoming them or finding a way out. It’s a slow peaceful sounding track. What stands out to me besides the lyrical message is an amazing high-note near the end! This EP as a whole is an honest, sensitive yet fun-sounding work of art that has been on repeat since it was released. Though I have my favorites, there is not a single track that I do not enjoy. Just by listening, it’s clear that a lot of hard work and effort was put in to make these six tracks the masterpieces that they are. I would not write about a band or artist without recommending them. That said, please do yourselves a favor and go check out this incredible group of musicians! Especially if you’re looking for some feel-good jams!       

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