Lil Pøøch Introduces Himself to the Music World with Debut Single “Drag Me Down”

Lil Pøøch Introduces Himself to the Music World with Debut Single “Drag Me Down”

Lil Pøøch is set to storm onto the music scene with the debut single “Drag Me Down”. The melodic alt-rock debut is set to release on May 1st, 2020 and will be available for digital download and streaming across all major platforms. “Drag Me Down” will be the first in a series of singles to be released throughout 2020. “Drag Me Down” was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studio in Columbus, Ohio with engineer/producer (Lil Pøøch’s dad) Joe Viers, whose resume includes: Twenty One Pilots, Bobaflex, New Hollow, The Lonely Ones, and  Lovesick Radio. Along with Joe Viers, the song was co-produced by Lil Pøøch, Marty McCoy (lead singer of Bobaflex), and Lil Pøøch guitarist Tyler McCauley. The song also features drummer Jakob Mooney, who has previously toured with Like Moths To Flames.

Drag Me Down is one of my favorite pieces of music I’ve written. I wrote it the day after a breakup, when I was still feeling pretty down about things,” says Lil Pøøch, “My dad [Joe Viers], Marty, Tyler, and Jake are all incredible musicians with great vision and ideas and I feel like they really helped me capture the way I felt when I wrote the song and make sure it came across on the final product.”

As far as live performances go, Lil Pøøch is in the same boat as all other artists/bands: waiting to see how things will play out as far as the Covid-19 situation will impact shows for the remainder of the year. Updates on Lil Pøøch and all upcoming show dates and music releases can be found on Facebook (Lil Pøøch), Instagram (@lilpooch98) and Twitter (@lilpooch98).

I had the pleasure of checking out “Drag Me Down” ahead of its release, and let me just say that it was a pleasant experience. While the lyrics definitely convey the emotion that Lil Pøøch is experiencing, the music itself still has an airy feel. Rather than heavy and melodramatic, this is something that would actually, ironically, put you in a good mood. I’m looking forward to checking out what he releases next!

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