Sertraline Unveil New Single Isolation

Sertraline Unveil New Single Isolation

Sertraline Present Their New Single Isolation

New EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines
Releases On May 15th

“Ooh, suffocating in this world, how are you surviving here?”

Words that, if you didn’t know better, sound like they could be describing the current lockdown for a lot of people across the world at the moment. But that is actually far from the reality of Sertraline’s new single Isolation

Written back in November 2019 as part of the writing sessions for their upcoming EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines, Lizzie, Mike, Tom, Si and Hendo had no way of knowing just how prophetic the lyrics of their new single would end up becoming. The follow up to Inside Out (the first single from Clouded Minds & Silver Lines and their most successful single to date), Isolation combines the timely lyrics with a soaring chorus, enormous riffs and a gigantic breakdown that will have heads banging across the UK and beyond. 

The lyric video for Isolation can be enjoyed below. A full music video is in the works, but was unfortunately delayed due to the UK lockdown.

Isolation can also be streamed on platforms including SpotifyAmazon MusicApple MusicGoogle Play and Deezer

When it comes to the excitement around their new single, Sertraline guitarist Tom Wilson’s enthusiasm is quite obvious:

“I’m really looking forward to playing this one live. It’s like a bear; lovely to look at from a distance, but get too close and it’ll rip your face off. We’ve spent most of the past few months imitating Owen Wilson saying “Wow” over the bends. WOW. WOW WOW. WOOOOOOW.”

Isolation is the second single to emerge from Sertraline’s new EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines, which will be released on the 15th of May. The artwork and full tracklist for the EP can be found below:

Clouded Minds & Silver Lines Tracklist

1) Inside Out
2) Mean to Me II
3) 2205
4) Screaming For Sleep
5) Isolation

Pre-orders for the EP are available through Sertraline’s kickstarter campaign. The kickstarter is finishing soon, so any support anyone can afford to give the band will be enormously appreciated.

Sertraline’s First Single From Clouded Minds & Silver Lines – Inside Out

Inside Out is also available to stream and download on the following streaming services:

Amazon Music
Google Play
Apple Music

About Sertraline
Originally formed in Stoke-On-Trent in 2014, their journey as Sertraline has seen them establish a reputation as a band who sound fierce on record and with a mesmerizing live performance. 
Sertraline’s 2017 EP, ‘Guilty’, won plaudits from fans and the metal press alike, being heralded by Metal Hammer, RAMZine and many others. With a unique sound, the band continues to defy being cornered with a particular genre, instead, allowing their sound to define itself – a bold move that is paying off!
Sertraline’s musical dexterity allows them to appeal to a wide range of tastes across the rock and metal spectrum whilst always delivering the goods live. Having played with a wide selection of high-profile bands including Voyager, Sumo Cyco, Forever Still, Butcher Babies and VOLA – Sertraline are a band that need to be on your radar.
With blistering appearances at Bloodstock Open Air in 2018 and UK Tech-Fest in 2019, Sertraline been delivering the goods to audiences across the UK. Alongside the ‘Relapse’ single release in 2019, the band also found time to write the material that has become the 2020 EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines, so crank up the riffs and come along for the ride!


Lizzie – Vocals
Mike – Guitar
Tom – Guitar
Hendo – Bass 
Si – Drums

Find SERTRALINE online:

Official Website

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