Man The Mighty Breaks quarantine with new track “days as dark as night”

Man The Mighty Breaks quarantine with new track “days as dark as night”

  There are a few great things coming out of this pandemic we’re facing. One of them is a new track by Chicago based rock/metal band Man The Mighty.

 The song Days As Dark As Night was released April 2nd on YouTube and there was much excitement from fans! The band formed in 2010 and has released two albums and an EP since then. The song itself is a truly impressive piece!

 It begins with a bang (quite literally) and it gave me chills. The first thing we hear are the drums but only for a split second, as the band as a whole launches into a very fast-paced, rhythmic groove of an intro. Shortly after the intro, the groove changes and we are introduced to the melodic voice of Derek Smith. His voice is a nice mix of rock ‘n’ roll rasp, a little bit of metal grit, and a little bit of natural softness added in. It’s a great mix, and I’ve not heard a voice like Derek’s before.

 We are brought through a maze of mysterious lyrics that make up the first verse. Then BOOM! The chorus hits and it’s a memorable one, folks – I tell you! In the best way possible, too – I first heard the song yesterday and I’m STILL humming the chorus and it’s great!

 After the chorus comes the second verse. We are brought through another section of well-written lyrics. Then there’s that fantastic chorus again layered with some nice background vocals and harmonies provided by lead guitarist, Tim Tournier.

 Next comes the bridge. This section is an instrumental segment before the next chorus and it stands out quite a bit thanks to a gritty metal riff played by Tim. This is quickly followed by an equally mind-blowing drum fill, which launches us into the end of the song.

 The outro, which features that epic chorus again, is now layered with multiple improvisations, harmonies and background vocals, which  brings us to the end of what is nothing short of an incredible piece! 

  Please, if you have the chance to check out this band I highly encourage you to start with this song. You will not be disappointed! I’m very excited to see what the future holds next for Man The Mighty.                   

P.S. We heard a rumor that there may or may not be more tracks in the near future.

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