Walking Rumor release third single ‘Burned Up and Blessed’

Walking Rumor release third single ‘Burned Up and Blessed’


Nu-metal quartet WALKING RUMOR are getting ready to release their debut album ‘Symbiosis’ after a very successful single release campaign. Today they present the ballad ‘Burned Up and Blessed’ – their third and last single from the upcoming album – watch the accompanying video above.

Vocalist Anders Mørch explains: “Every album needs a ballad and we are very proud of what we achieved. Writing a song so far away from our comfort zone was challenging but really fun to do. I think we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as a band trying to write this song”. Guitarist Andreas Løvenhorst adds: “We also wanted to have a cleaner and slower song to fit with the topic of self-reflection and moving on. We all make mistakes, but we must forgive ourselves and move on. That is what the song is all about in my perspective”.

The quartet has always been on a mission to deliver honest and approachable metal with their own take on the sound of the early 2000’s. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Bring Me the Horizon, these four guys from Odense, Denmark see no limitations to how rap, heavy rock and metal can be combined.

The coming debut full-length ‘Symbiosis’ which is produced by Claudio Andersen at LAK Studios as well as mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt, is set to be released on April 10. 

‘Burned Up and Blessed’ is already available on all streaming services.

1. Do or Die
2. Breaking Point
3. Expectations
4. Turn the Tides
5. Wasted Years
6. Leave Nothing Behind
7. Let Them Talk
8. Watch It Fall
9. Rest In Defeat
10. Feed the Fire
11. My Illusion
12. Burned Up and Blessed

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