TLE Release Fast-Paced New Single, “Everyone Else Is A Shitty Parent”

TLE Release Fast-Paced New Single, “Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent”

Stream The New Single Here!

Dadpunk aficionados and pop-punk trio, TLE, have released a brand new single, “Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent.” The single is the ninth track the band has released over the last two years and is included on their forthcoming album, I Can’t Listen To You All At Once. The single, along with the accompanying stream video, is premiering with New Noise Magazine now!

TLE pride themselves on pioneering the “dadpunk” genre by singing songs about typical topics that dads deal with including kids, marriages, and the craziness that ensues from becoming a parent in a fun, pop punk fashion. “Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent” is about the constant parent shaming that goes on in today’s society where no one is perfect. Discussing this theme, guitarist and back vocalist Nick Onorato said, “Now more than ever, there is a feeling of unease amongst parents everywhere. ‘Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent’ addresses those feelings and conversations while pointing out that, just because others may parent differently than you do, doesn’t mean they are wrong. We can all stand to learn from each other in this world, and having an open mind, listening to others’ experiences and making the best decisions with the information you have, can help make our conversations and interactions peaceful, happy and even special. Besides, our kids are way more awesome than yours anyway, so suck it up buttercup.” Shawn Milke, lead vocalist and guitarist, continues, “I’d just like to add that if you are reading this, writing this, or thinking this, and you are a parent, there is a 100% chance that you are shitty at it. And more importantly Dads rule, kids drool. Literally.”

“Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent” is available for purchase or to stream now!

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