Clint Lowery Rocks the House in Seattle

Clint Lowery Rocks the House in Seattle

 A couple of friends and I made a small road trip from where we live to the beautiful metro city of Seattle, Washington. As a Washington native, I have to say I really love most things about this city; but the one thing I love most is the number of bands that come and perform here.

On this particular day, we were off to go see Alter Bridge with supporting acts Deepfall and Clint Lowery. We arrived at the Moore Theater shortly before the doors opened. The minute they did, approximately 1,800 excited fans rushed in. Folks found a spot of their interest, whether it was up above on the balcony, in a seat, or on the floor.   I do believe this venue had a bar, so I’m certain drinks were being had somewhere. I stood on the floor a few rows back from the stage and waited patiently for the first band to come onstage. Deepfall played a set of about six songs and then it was time for the next act.

When I heard that Clint Lowery (Guitarist for Sevendust) was supporting Alter Bridge and promoting his new album ‘God Bless the Renegades’ I was thrilled. As a relatively new fan of Sevendust, I figured this show might be a great intro to the talented musician that is Clint Lowery. Aside from Clint Lowery singing and playing guitar, his band consisted of musicians Jon Jourdan (Flight of the Penguin, To Whom It May) on guitar and backing vocals, Ry Bennet (Tremonti, Eye Empire) on drums, and Pat Seals on Bass.

As the band emerged onstage and began the thunderous opening to their first song “God Bless the Renegades” I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing I noticed shortly after that was the gritty yet melodic rock-n-roll voice of Clint himself. I normally don’t talk during shows but I think what I said to the person beside me was something like “Oh my goodness. He sounds great!” That’s how excited about this I was.

The band jumped into the second song “Here” which got everyone clapping. The song itself made me want to dance. It’s really catchy for a rock tune and that’s a rare blessing these days. All throughout this song I couldn’t help but admire Jon Jourdan’s intricately placed backing vocals. They were extremely melodic and added to the song perfectly.

After this, a new song was introduced and this is by far my favorite track. “Do We Fear God” is the name of it and it got the audience clapping along again and it had such an inviting intro. You could tell that everyone was listening intently to the lyrics. The melody throughout the entire song soared like a bird mid-flight and once again Jon Jourdan’s harmonies stole the show and mixed brilliantly with Clint’s voice.

The next song was a piece Clint dedicated to his daughter called, “She’s Free.” The lyrics were so touching and warm-hearted. The song finishes and Clint addresses the crowd before the band launches into “What’s the Matter” which is a song, from what I understood, about taking a break from technology and being a part of society. This song had quite a powerful message and there was another moment where you could tell that almost every fan was listening very closely to what was being said.

 “You Go First” was the next song and it caught me off guard, as it had a very dark and mysterious opening and even more mysterious lyrics. I enjoy songs that make me think about their meaning, message or even who they might be about. The final track performed was the first released single “Kings.” Of course, Clint Lowery and Jon Jourdan are both extremely talented.  This song showcased the stellar drum work of Ryan Bennett and excellent bass skill of Pat Seals. I also found that the melody and lyrics expressed a bit of a sing-along vibe, and that’s great for any band who wants to interact with and engage the audience.

 Just like that, it was all over. As usual, Alter Bridge put on a spectacular show to end the night. If you are looking for a new album to listen to that’s got a heavy sound and some intense, beautiful and intriguing lyrics; I HIGHLY recommend checking out God Bless the Renegades. And, of course, attending one of these shows, which is a must in my opinion. You will not be disappointed.

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