One To Watch: Noah Cunane Unveils Visual for “Medicine” ​     

One To Watch: Noah Cunane Unveils Visual for “Medicine” ​     

Noah Cunane Unveils Visual for “Medicine”

Noah Cunane has released the music video for “Medicine,” an intoxicating single which sees him pining after a girl and needing her the way one needs medicine. The track, which garnered over 650k Spotify streams in its first months, features Noah’s signature hypnotic vocals, confessional lyrics, and a faint guitar that ties it all together.  Watch the visual below:


 “Medicine” is a song about the feeling of being trapped by your own demons and not knowing how to get out.  When you’re in a relationship or friendship and you feel like you have messed it all up and you don’t know how to get that person back into your life.  Then not knowing how to get them back drives you crazy and you turn to anything to help mask the pain of hurt you caused by not facing your inner demons.” 

Noah Cunane is solidifying himself as that rare songwriter who strikes an emotional chord regardless of the setting. Noah Cunane is the music you hear at the party, play in your bedroom, and listen to on your trek to work.  Noah cuts right through the boundaries of alternative, pop, and R&B, uniting listeners over intimate shared experiences.  All of which has led Noah to where he finds himself now, “a small town kid who chased a dream,” blurring the boundaries of genre with heart, defiance, and artistry.

 About Noah Cunane

Originally hailing from South Jersey, Noah moved around throughout his childhood, residing in small towns such as Westchester, PA where he frequently got stuck behind horse and buggy. Music, however, was a constant. He devoted countless hours to learning guitar, and tirelessly worked towards actualizing his dream of music. At a mere 15-years-old, he made the move, alone, to China for a pop star training camp, and joined pop group C5.  It was there he exteriorized his work ethic and cut his teeth in the music industry; performing on Chinese television, appearing on talk shows, recording, and ultimately returning to the States with the newfound wisdom that he wanted his music to be solely his own. Noah’s music started to make waves as he generated hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays under the name of Sachi, ultimately changing to Noah Cunane as he found his footing in the music scene.  Moving to Los Angeles full time, Noah linked with producers such as Roy Lenzo [Lil Nas X] and perfected his signature style. As buzz reached a boiling point, Noah landed a deal with 300 Entertainment and closed out 2019 with “Medicine.” This is only the beginning for Noah Cunane!

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