A Letter From The Editor

A Letter From The Editor

It’s crazy how sometimes we fall victim to letting the craziness of life get the best of us, right? Things seem to be going so well, so routine – and that’s exactly when it happens: Everything changes. Schedules spin out of control and you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever have time for the things you once enjoyed again. Relationships get put on the back-burner. And, eventually, as you’re standing there amidst the mess you’ve allowed to accumulate, you find yourself saying,

“What the actual fuck?”

Yet, it’s in these moments of chaos and uncertainty that we’re forced to face not only the things that we’ve allowed to escape from us, but also ourselves. You see, in these moments, you have two choices: You can either let go of the things that once made you happy and just accept that you’ll never have time for them anymore; or you can stop being a little bitch, acclimate to your new lifestyle, and make time for the things that are important to you.

In case you were wondering, I’m referring to myself, and I chose the latter.

We’ve been silent here at Rock|Life for a bit. Well, more silent than we normally are. We were running at what seems like full steam ahead and then came to an abrupt halt. With a combination of some staffing shakeups, myself getting a full-time job, and a plethora of other outside factors, we’ve had to figure out the future of the magazine and, if we were going to continue, how we would balance it. Let me tell you, if you’ve never done this before, it really is a lot of work – but it’s so, so worth it. It truly is an amazing experience.

Which is why we decided we could never close the cover on Rock|Life Magazine. We love what we do way too much.

No matter what we’re going through in our lives, music is the one constant that, at least for me, I’ve been able to count on to get me through. If I’m pissed off, I blare metal. If I’m feeling myself, it’s hip hop (and people know I love me some Jeezy). As I write this, however, I’ve gone back to the band that ignited my passion for the music industry, and that’s Fame on Fire. It’s funny how the connections you make along the way will have an impact on you and remind you why you do what you do in the first place. I could never let RLM go.

With all of this being said, we’re breaking our hiatus, and expect to see us make our comeback. Thank you to the amazing fan base, on WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook, for hanging in there with us.

Let’s rock this shit out.


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