Kyle Krone releases uplifting new single “Higher”

“Higher” is an uplifting and easygoing tune inspired by the surf towns of South Orange County, reflecting on how the visual expressions of surfing and skating influenced Krone’s style. It also addresses themes of personal evolution and freedom from the things that may hold people back.  Here’s what Kyle had to say about the song:

“Thematically “Higher” has to do with the idealistic desires we all experience on some level and overcoming the fears and barriers that hold us back from achieving or pursuing our dreams or desires and living the way we really want to and being ourselves. Keith Haring said, “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” That sentiment strikes a chord with me and the song deals with the idea that a lot of what we as humans are fearful of isn’t indeed all that scary, the idea of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to experience something more valuable and enriching, of pursuing your dreams and taking yourself and those around you to a better place. The song paints a visual picture of what that idealized life looks and feels like to me. It’s also designed to be enjoyed in a more passive carefree way in the spirit of joy and celebration.”

Kyle Krone | “Higher”
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California native singer-songwriter Kyle Krone grew up in the small idyllic beach towns nestled on the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. As the founding member and frontman of the beloved indie rock band The Shys he cut his teeth in the LA music scene in his early twenties and found a home on legendary Sire Recordsjoining the ranks of many of Krone’smusic hero’s (Talking HeadsThe Cure, and The Smiths). As the bands principal songwriterKrone was signed to the world’s largest independent Music Publisher Peer Music in 2005 which set the stage for a dynamic and creative music career. Krone’s band The Shys recorded two critically acclaimed full-length albums (2006 Astoria & 2008 You’ll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do) two EP’s and toured domestically and internationally. The group found success with Krone’s songs “Call In The Cavalry” “Never Gonna Die” and “The Hangman”
The single “Never Gonna Die” earned Krone and the band a No.1 spot on The Billboard US Garage Rock Charts.

In the summer of 2011, after seven years of touring domestically and internationally with some of indie rocks most lauded acts (TheKillers,The StrokesPhoenix) the then 27 year old entered the studio with a fresh creative vision and a newfound exuberance producing his solo debut For Those Who Think Young with engineer Mark Rains (B.R.M.C, Robert Francis). The new album with its sophisticated idealism and dreamy imagery earned the artist an eclectic new fan-base. The fans and the press alike praised Krone’s new work and applauded the sonic shift.

Krone’s blend of charisma and creativity have carved out a unique path for a refreshingly original and enigmatic young music talent. Following his successful debut, Krone’s music caught the attention of likeminded Producers and Artists who’ve enlisted his talents for various projects spanning a wide array of genres. An impressive and ever-growing list of co-writes have resulted in a wide-ranging collection of original music from collaborations with Grammy Award-winning producers Dave Cobb (Sturgill SimpsonChris StapletonGrace PotterMark Batson (Dr. DreNas50 CentAlica KeysJay ZMatt Wignall (Cold War KidsMando Diao) to highly regarded indie artists L.A. (Luis A. SeguraWargirl and Eagle Rock Gospel Singers. Krone has lended his talents to iconic fashion labels GUESSCOACH, & J.CREW for tasteful video campaigns featuring his music. You’ve heard Krone’s music featured on TV and in Film for more than a decade and he continues to produce records of his own, his latest Sea Level earning positive reviews across the board for its “increasingly sophisticated pop” (Buzz Bands LA).

In 2018 Krone began Producing albums out of his own studio for young up and coming artists like Wes Chillerand Jolene Dixon who will see their first releases coming in the Summer and Fall of 2019. Krone is currently signed with Sabco / Words & Music / Big Deal Music Publishing.

Kyle Krone | “Higher”

Kyle Krone: “Higher”
Young Volcano
September 13th, 2019



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