THE JOKER VIOLIN PROJECT is back with yet another insane track

A little madness can be enjoyable, especially when multi-instrumentalist Christian Hjort Lauritzen unleashes his twisted brain on The Joker Violin Project – a truly unique project, which pushes the boundaries of what you thought you liked, with its playfulness and humor. The project brings a hell of a lot of WTF-factor, which only a few Danish musicians can surpass. The music is fast and impressive, but most of all it’s damn entertaining. 

The expression and visual twist of the music video is an extension of the artist’s eccentric personality – and hey, if you own a Joker shaped violin, you might as well go with the flow. His first music video was kind of a viral hit, being seen more than 200.000 times and shared over 2500 times on Facebook. The Joker Violin Project is now ready with yet another crazy video project that serves as an insane backdrop to an extremely entertaining piece of music.

The Joker Violin Project – “Vol. 2”

Christian Hjort Lauritzen has a background in classical music, but found the challenge somewhat dull in the long run. With THE JOKER VIOLIN PROJECT, he shows an original way of incorporating violin into metal.

“Vol. II” is available on all streaming platforms through Prime Collective.

Stream Here

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