Owen Denvir releases new single ‘Ghost’ September 6th & Announces trilogy of EP’s to form debut album!!

Owen Denvir releases new single ‘Ghost’ September 6th & Announces trilogy of EP’s to form debut album!!

With over 100,000 streams on Spotify, combined video views of over 2 million, music shared by Coldplay and supporting the legend Dodie……Belfast born, Owen Denvir at only 29 has asserted himself as one of the finest singer songwriters around and is now announcing his biggest project to date

Owen will be releasing a trilogy of EP’s over the next 12 months, each with their own theme and story, that, when all finally released, will form Owen’s first full length album. The single ‘Ghost’ is the first single from the first EP (Sticks).

Watch “Ghost” below:

Recorded in his home studio, new single Ghost was written by Denvir as an outlet for anxieties after dealing with a ghosting situation on dating app Tinder. Call it crazy, but between writing and recording the song, Denvir and his family had a run in with a more literal definition of ‘ghost’. At one point Denvir was driving alone on the motorway when he heard loud repeated tapping on the rear window. Strange enough – but a week later, his sister texted asking why he was chatting with someone in his car outside their house. She then walked in to find he had been in the kitchen the whole time. Just a mad PR story? Or a seal of paranormal approval for the song? You decide…

Training as a young orchestral viola player, Belfast-born Owen Denvir was drawn by the alternative sound of Bon Iver over Bach. These two styles of music influence his songwriting, which Hot Press magazine have described as “honest, personal… complex and affecting”.

After spending the last year collaborating with the charity ‘Live Music Now’ – who provide professional music for care homes and special schools – Owen recorded and produced the album “Music & Memories: Voices of Belfast” alongside Peter J McCauley (of Rams’ Pocket Radio). This project was compiled over six months, where the residents of East & West Belfast care homes shared their memories and sang their favourite classic folk songs. The result is a unique set of arrangements featuring guitar, piano, viola and ukulele, bringing together voices from across the city in a blend of nostalgia and Belfast wit. A short film featuring participants at Edgecumbe Day Centre is available at https://vimeo.com/335850076

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