KAYZO Hits The Mark With “Unleashed”

KAYZO Hits The Mark With “Unleashed”

Get ready for some sick beats and heavy bass drops, because producer/DJ Kayzo has delivered a genre-bending LP that’s set to blow your mind. Loaded with a synchronous mix of electro and rock music, “Unleashed” features bands such as Our Last Night, Of Mice & Men, blessthefall, and Underoath. With such a heavy-hitting mix of rock and bass drops, what’s not to love?

From the moment you start listening to Track 1 (“Alone”), you’re lost in the voice of Our Last Night frontman Trevor Wentworth. Hearing their music mashed up with KAYZO’s dance creation is a sound to behold, and it’s something I only wish I would’ve heard sooner. This really is something truly awesome.

Realistically, the rest of “Unleashed” follows suit. This hybrid of electro-rock has a little bit of something for everyone – there’s nothing quite like mixing the sounds of dubstep with some guitar riffs and screaming, much like you’ll find in “Night Terror” ft. Of Mice & Men. To be honest, at first I wasn’t too sure of what I thought about it – the sound was that new to me. I did have to listen to it a few times, but it definitely grew on me, and now I love it. One of my friends, who is an electro aficionado, lovingly refers to it as “kill-your-mother” music (he’s joking, he loves his mom). He loved the track from the get-go.

If you’re up for a truly different listening experience and want to hear something that will not only blow your mind but also somehow manage to blend these two genres into one cohesive gem, don’t let this one pass you by.

Unleashed Tracklisting
1. “Alone” – ft. Our Last Night
2. “Before The Storm” ft. blessthefall
3. “Up In Flames” ft. Alex Gaskarth
4. “Monster” ft. Matty Mullins & TYNAN
5. “Dark Skies” ft. ALRT
6. “Lost” ft. Xo Sad
7. “LA Never Says Goodbye” ft. ARMNHMR
8. “Ark” ft. 1788-L
9. “Antidance” ft. k?d
10. “Night Terror” ft. Of Mice & Men & Yultron
11. “Wasted Space” ft. Underoath
12. “Wait It Out” ft. Micah Martin
13. “Fight for Love” ft. Micah Martin
14. “Our Times Run Out” ft. Boys of Fall
15. “Cruel Love” ft. shYbeast & FRANK ZUMMO

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