Morose release debut video/single for “Bury Me”

Morose release debut video/single for “Bury Me”


Morose just dropped their first song “Bury Me”’ off their upcoming record Dead End, and it is an absolute heater. 

Morose is an aggressive metalcore band from St. Louis, MO. After playing together in the St. Louis heavy scene for years, they went to craft new content with veteran producer Josh Schroeder (Dayseeker, The Plot In You, King 810, Varials, and countless others.) After solidifying their brand earlier this year, they present the Morose sound; and it is heavy as hell. 

Dead End drops August 30th as Morose’s debut record. 

On “Bury Me”, guitarist Chase Politte says “Bury Me is about the feeling of death lingering around you constantly. Watching loved ones around you go, Questioning what happens next, and feeling like it could be you any second. Bury Me was us being open with each other about a fear of death and not being able to escape the inevitable, We hope this song hits home with the listeners as much as it does us.”

Dead End was recorded with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studio.

“Bury Me” was directed by J.T. Ibanez.

Photo by Chelsea Dufresne. 

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