A ROAD TO DAMASCUS release 2nd single ‘No Man Is An Island’


Danish pop-rock quartet A ROAD TO DAMASCUS are ready with their second single and title track ‘No Man Is An Island’ from the upcoming EP.

The single continues to push their productions towards the melodic side of contemporary pop,  while representing the level of maturity the guys have achieved on their coming release.  Guitarist Jakob Harris explains: “This song is about growing up but not feeling that much has changed in us even though a lot of circumstances in our lives have. The song title is from an old poem which expresses the notion that we need each other in order to thrive and do well. We’ve never pushed ourselves so much to write a song where every part is the best it could become and at the same time we feel the song really represents how far we’ve come with us maturing as songwriters as well.” 

The upcoming EP is the latest add-on to the band’s discography which counts two full-length albums and a debut EP. ‘No Man Is An Island’ consists of four songs which have all been produced in collaboration with award-winning producer Andreas Krüger (Christopher, Faustix, Siamese).

The EP ‘No Man Is An Island’ will be released through Prime Collective on August 30, 2019.

Watch the video for ‘No Man Is An Island’ here:

1. No Man Is An Island
2. The Last Straw
3. Pieces
4. Sundays

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