Merit Drops Brand New EP, “Living With The Low”

Merit Drops Brand New EP, “Living With The Low”

Releases New EP
Living With The Low

Available for Purchase:
Streaming Now on Spotify & Apple Music

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The wait is over for Lansdale pop punk act Merit’s new EP, Living With The Low. The EP is out now and available for purchase at Fans can also stream it online via Spotify and Apple Music. Living With The Low was recorded/produced by Matt Brasch of The Wonder Years, mixed by Nick Steinborn of The Wonder Years, and mastered by Bill Henderson of Thursday.

The record is basically a psycho-self analysis of dealing with betrayal within romantic and other personal relationships,” shares lead singer Mike Dougherty. “The lack of honesty and loyalty, especially how constant it was in my life then, really played a part in the downfall of my psyche and has made an everlasting impact on how I handle things in my day to day life.” 

He continues: “Each song on this record has a specific emotion attached to them, that’s why we named them the way we did. Despite its light sounding instrumentation, this is a very dark record to reflect a low period of my life. Hence ‘Living with the Low.’

Merit is a pop-punk band from Lansdale, PA. Since forming in 2016 the group has played up and down the east coast, growing their underground fan base with their catchy hooks and exciting live shows. 

They will be releasing their third record, Living with the Low, on July 26th, 2019. The record was recorded and produced by Matt Brasch (of The Wonder Years), mixed by Nick Steinborn (also of The Wonder Years), and mastered by Bill Henderson (of Thursday). 

To coincide with the release of Living with the Low, they have teamed up with local brewery, Imprint Brewing, to brew, can, and release a blood orange/pineapple/cherry/milkshake IPA dubbed “Pop-Punch,” which became available last Friday.

Touring in early July and fall 2019, Merit sets their sights on pushing further west.

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Living With The Low Tracklisting:
1. Mediocrity Gets You (Des)Pears
2. Woe, She’s A Gravedigger
3. Anxiety Is The New Black
4. Fruit Of The Gloom
5. De-Spite Everything

Upcoming Tour Dates:
7/26 – Hatfield, PA @ Acoustic Record Release Show
7/27 – Lansdale, PA @ Record Release Show

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