Young Guv (solo project of F’cked Up and No Warning’s Ben Cook) share new single ‘Patterns Prevail’ | ‘GUV I’ out next Friday on Run For Cover Records

Young Guv (solo project of F’cked Up and No Warning’s Ben Cook) share new single ‘Patterns Prevail’ | ‘GUV I’ out next Friday on Run For Cover Records

(solo project of F’cked Up and No Warning’s Ben Cook)



Young Guv has revealed his new video and single, “Patterns Prevail”. He explains, “the track is a love letter written by my collaborator Aurora Shields, but dissolved into a song. As long as the patterns in the colours of a rainy summer sky mash together with a glowing streetlight continue to prevail in a bittersweet tangerine tone, so do the patterns in the musical notes of yearning and infatuation, of tenderness and chaos, rapture and combustion. Complimentary patterns of the night and day will always prevail. We are all experiencing sadness and happiness through love, and that’s the balance of it. That’s life, I suppose. “

Young Guv’s latest endeavour GUV I, delivers a collection of staggeringly poignant and infectious pop tunes which he describes akin to “people-watching in a foreign country in the morning, trying not to cry from the overwhelming feeling of sadness and happiness.” Another way of putting it; Young Guv songs are about being alone. The album is the first volume of a two part LP series and sees its release August 2 on Run For Cover Records — details on the second to come.

Watch the music video for “Patterns Prevail” below:

Young Guv is dedicated and prolific songwriter, Ben Cook. You may know him from his work and partake legendary bands such as F’cked Up and No Warning. But the only place to hear music that belongs entirely to Ben Cook – music that comes into the world owing nothing to a bandmate or a client or a genre convention, whether affectionately observed or cheekily subverted – has been under the umbrella of Young Guv. Since 2008, he has released a steady drip of singles and EPs, plus two full-lengths. Sometimes Young Guv songs have guitars and British Invasion harmonies; sometimes they have synths and a modulated voice. But always they have choruses you’ll never forget and lyrics whose dry wit and understated acuity knocks you flat.

Young Guv
Run For Cover Records
August 2, 2019
Pre-order Here

1 – Patterns Prevail
2 – Roll With Me
3 – Every Flower I See
4 – Luv Always
5 – Didn’t Even Cry
6 – High On My Mind
7 – Exceptionally Ordinary
8 – Boring Story

“Patterns Prevail” Lyrics:
trust me you don’t wanna touch me
you will lie and say you love me 
i wanted to be the new light in your life
trust me you don’t wanna love me 
i tried my best to tread lightly 
i never wanted to ruin your fantasy 

theres a secret runnin’
through my ear 
i am rocky waters 
and you are crystal clear 

i can hear the whispers baby
all these secrets drive me crazy
colours shift between the shading 
i can see patterns prevailing 

Young Guv: Instagram. Twitter. Run For Cover.

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