Rock|Life Raises The Curtains on UK-Based Veridian

Rock|Life Raises The Curtains on UK-Based Veridian

Today marks the release date of “Curtains”, the new single by UK-based rock band Veridian. We had the pleasure of catching up with bandmates Simon Jackman, Robbie Everett, Jonny Slevin, Joe Sellers, Zak Watson, and James Marshall Stack to talk about the song, tour life, and a few things in between.

RL: Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview!  Talk to us a little bit about how you all got together and the formation of the band.

SJ: We’ve all played in different bands across a period of nearly 15 years. Me, Zak and Robbie started playing together when they were in school. We formed Veridian to create music that we enjoy listening to and that we feel fits well within the current scene. We’re all very close friends so the dynamic works well between us.

RL: Does the name of the band have anything to do with the shade of green (Veridian) or is there another meaning behind it?

JS: We spent almost a year trying to decide on a name. And yes, the final decision was made after scrolling through a list of names of colours. At one point we were leaning towards Vermillion but thought the connotations of the Slipknot tune didn’t quite suit us as a band.

RL: Congratulations on being the first international signing with Revival Recordings – that’s gotta feel pretty great!  Talk to us about the path that got you there.

SJ: We’re very proud to have signed with Revival and have already seen how hard they work with their bands. It’s great to feel part of the team. We spent a long time looking for a label, sending out demos and after initial discussions with the team at Revival we felt that we would fit perfectly and could work together. It’s great to be their first international signing too.

RL: You’ve been on tour throughout July and are at the tail end.  How’s it been going?

ZW: The shows have been eye-opening. We’ve seen a change of tide as more and more people are coming to our shows to see us. They’re turning up in their Veridian tees and singing along to every song. Even the new ones somehow. And the people there who haven’t seen us before are having their heads turned and becoming a part of the experience.

RL: ‘Curtains’ is your first single since signing with Revival – tell us more about it.

RE: The majority of people will spend the majority of their day staring through a small portable window into a different world where everyone is rich, attractive and happy – and it’s not healthy. Our sense of success has been twisted and warped by being constantly reminded of what other people have, or at least what they pretend to have, and it leaves you with a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the world in which you inhabit. Curtains is about that dissatisfaction which has led to me feeling insecure and anxious about putting myself on a platform, to show the world what I have to offer, for fear that it will fall far short of the world’s new unattainable standards.

RL: Out of all the songs you’ve written, which one would you say is a personal favorite?

SJ: At the moment I think we would probably say ‘Curtains’. It’s got all the elements of a proper Veridian tune. It’s got a big pre-chorus, a catchy chorus, a bridge that kicks hard and one of our favourite parts is the build up of strings through the final chorus. I think the latest song you release is always your favourite, the other tunes we have in the pipeline are strong contenders to take the top spot. 

RL: Do you currently have any plans as far as touring in the US?

JS: We don’t have any concrete plans to cross the pond just yet. But, we would be very keen to get over to the US in the future. We’ve watched videos of Warped Tour for years and touring America looks like an incredible experience. We’d love to tour the US alongside bands like Don Broco or Enter Shikari.

RL: What is one situation in your life that just hit you so hard, you were instantly inspired to create?

RE: Going into too much detail on some songs can sometimes ruin the sentiment for people experiencing it. You want people to make your songs their own, to have their own meaning to them, so I’ll keep it vague. When you’re in a position where you have to let go of something you love more than anything, because its unhealthy, thats tough. Writing about situations and experiences is cathartic, and helps me deal with them and get through them. I find that when you’re going through something you find almost impossible to accept, those are the situations that inspire immediately. Writing is processing your emotions and thinking through your experiences, so for me writing is the beginning of acceptance.

RL: Some bands want it all – the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and sold-out stadiums – and some just want to push out a few albums and be done with it.  Where does Veridian want to be?

JMS: We just want recognition. To be recognised and respected for our work. If we can tour and play festivals and have people singing back our tunes like they mean something to them then it’s all worth it.

RL: Where do you see rock music five years from now?

JMS: Rock music is definitely changing. We’ve seen a big change of the last 5-10 years especially in the UK where rock music has gone from being a chart-topping genre to now almost drifting into a niche genre. This means that a lot of bands are having to adapt their sound to find their place in the scene. The term “rock” seems to be a lot more vague these days with incredible artists coming through like Twenty One Pilots or even Post Malone who are creating music that leaks into the rock genre when 10 years ago they would never have been considered in that way. Rock music will always survive, as its always ready and willing to adapt.

Check out the video for their new single, ‘Curtains’, below!

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