Indie Pop Group, Sub-Radio, Drop EP ‘Dog Years’

The Indie Pop group out of Washington, D.C., Sub-Radio, released their new EP, Dog Years on July 19th. The album is fun , energetic, and finds a way to hit you deep. The five-track EP shows off Sub-Radio’s talents as they find a way to combine different styles and tempos into a set list that blends nicely.

While the album seems to be a bit more up-tempo pop, they do pull off a couple of slower songs that really play into your feelings. Ultimately, this leaves you with an album of love songs that range from up-tempo and catchy, like my personal favorite, “Better Than That”, to the deeper and more personal, like “Dreamcatcher”. Don’t be surprised to see this album end up on your significant other’s playlist soon.

Dog Years was kicked off with “Room for You” and followed up with a second single, “Dreamcatcher”. This song started out as a unique challenge to the band, as they’ve never written a straight-up love song before, and became a gift to their girlfriends. Checkout the music video for “Dreamcatcher” below:

The six childhood friends that comprise the band got their start in their home town of Washington, D.C., and quickly built a following due to the quality of their live shows and their ability to push out new songs. The band is Adam Bradley on lead vocals, Matt Prodanovich on guitar and vocals, Michael Pereira on drums, John Fengya on keys, guitar, and vocals, Barry Siford on bass, and Kyle Cochran on guitar and keys.

1. Better Than That
2. Room for You
3. Dreamcatcher
4. Million and One
5. Instincts

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