Sum 41 Brings Down The Hammer with ORDER IN DECLINE

Sum 41 Brings Down The Hammer with ORDER IN DECLINE

Today marks the release date of Sum 41’s newest release, Order In Decline, and if you’re looking for some raw honesty and solid guitar shreds, this album is for you. It’s been said that this is the band’s hardest and most aggressive album yet, and I’m here to tell you that there is 100% truth in that.

The inspiration for this album comes from a combination of returning from a 3-year tour back in 2018 and the success of 2016’s 13 Voices, and frontman Deryck Whibley just started letting those creative juices flow. The content of Order In Decline, while about the current events of the world today, is not a political protest album – but it definitely speaks volumes and it most certainly hits the soul hard.

“45 (Matter of Time)” is a song that I think will resonate with people quite a bit, especially once they watch the video. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it definitely has that WTF factor that many of us have felt (and still find ourselves feeling from time to time). It’s heavy, it’s powerful, and it’ll melt your face off if you aren’t careful. Good thing I’ve included the video at the end of this review, huh?

“Never There” slows things way down, taking things from air-punching rock to a mellow ballad that is still heavy in it’s own way – it’s a song about single parenting ( I told you guys this album was pure raw honesty). I’ve been there – single parenting is rough – so kudos to Deryck for broaching such an emotional topic and kudos to those of you who have been there or are currently there who don’t shed a tear or two listening to this (and if you do, you still get kudos because that shit is hard).

This album has heavy, it has heartfelt. Either way, this isn’t the Sum 41 I remember from high school when I used to shout along to “Fat Lip” driving to school an hour late. No – they’re even better. Grab your copy of Order In Decline via Hopeless Records today.

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