Flaw’s New Album ‘Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Flaw’s New Album ‘Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave’ Doesn’t Disappoint

A band from Louisville, Kentucky named Flaw has a new album that comes out this Friday 7/19/19 called Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave. Flaw is back and taking names in this hard-hitting album. If you remember their first album Through the Eyes that was released in 2001, then this is what you have been waiting for: A new album with 10 brand new songs. The album starts off with an attention-grabbing song called “Persistence.” It will for sure make you “drop that shit.”

The band’s first single “Conquer This Climb” that was brought to our attention by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is available at all good outlets now to stream and purchase. You can snag this at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Youtube. It will definitely have you head-banging, rocking out and also have your full attention. This album will be all in-your-face with the heavy guitar, bass rhythms, those hard beating drums along with the one-of-a-kind vocal skills of Christopher Volz. If that is something that you look for in your music, then this one will not be disappointing you.

This band has just an indescribable talent that really shows how far they have come in this brand new album. With the support from the mighty, mighty Flaw Family, this album is sure to go places and show everyone what they have been missing out on. Catch Flaw out on tour now.

Current line up: Christopher Volz (vocals), Rob Buttorff (guitar), Tommy Gibbons (guitar/bass) and Georges Octobous (drums)

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