Lochness Monster Shine in New Single “Farewell Past”

Lochness Monster Shine in New Single “Farewell Past”


The Miami-based rock outfit, Lochness Monster, consisting of Bruce Donaldson (Singer), Justin Shaner (Guitar), Brad Eavenson (Bass), and Rene Rivera (Drums) incorporate elements of rock, shoegaze, punk, and alternative metal into their heartfelt sound. Last month, the band unveiled details of their forthcoming self-titled EP due out July 26th. Off the release comes a passionate song, “Farewell Past,” which is about exploring what it means to feel crippled by the past, to fight for love, and to overcome personal demons. The song is based off a quick conversation with a homeless drifter, who had just made his way from Maine to South Florida with nothing but a backpack and a determination to keep going forward. This song evolves to an exciting and uplifting chord progression with a driving bass melody that echoes the tonality and messaging behind the lyrics. Rivera developed a tribal drum pattern that pulses throughout, leaving the listener aching for more. This powerful song continues the theme surrounding the 4-track EP. The band conveys a more personal story behind their music that explores the recurring themes of hope and redemption. 

The single followed their previous release, “Calling Out,” a song about holding onto love and finding forgiveness. Its lyrics are about recognizing the trials and tribulations faced in a relationship of love and seeking redemption in each other. Taking a year to conceptualize, Donaldson adds,
“The songs that were chosen for this EP allowed us to find ourselves as a band, as individual musicians, and the direction we want to take our music. Each of us wants our music to have lyrics that people can connect with while remaining poetic and thoughtful, and to surround those lyrics with a powerful rock sound with lots of energy and dynamics.  Musically we worked to create a sound that was familiar in some ways to our first album, Fables, while also evolving into a sound that was natural to all of the members of the band.”

Continuing, the band also unveiled, “Defiance,”which stemmed bit away from their traditional sound, to explore a heavier and darker notion in the track. The single was conceptualized by Bassist Brad Eavenson and Guitarist Justin Shaner after spending several sessions developing the dark and driving bass riff to include a haunting guitar melody that ebbs and flows from heavy and aggressive to eerie and melodic. From there Vocalist Bruce Donaldson added the lyrics over the melody to explore the volatile sides of human emotions while also dealing with acceptance of imperfections, both personal and in others. 

The band is looking forward to sharing this new music with fans and provided the following message for their supports: “This EP is an expression of who we are as a band and as individuals. These songs are born out of stories from our lives, and we want to share them with you. These are our stories. This is who we are. This is Lochness Monster.” 

Fans can follow the band at LochnessMonsterMusic.com and pre-order Lochness Monster HERE!

1.Farewell Past
3.Calling Out
4.Just a Little Story

Recorded and Mixed By James Paul Wisner at Wisner Productions in Saint Cloud, FL. Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Engine Room Audio in New York, NY.

Lochness Monster is a Miami-based band that creates a melodic and unique blend of rock music. With an eclectic style and diverse musical tastes, Bruce Donaldson (Singer), Justin Shaner (Guitar), Brad Eavenson (Bass), and Rene Rivera (Drums) incorporate elements of rock, shoegaze, punk, and alternative metal.  Each member drives a certain pairing of uniqueness to round out their sound beginning with Shaner’s very dynamic guitar melodies and experimental chord structures, Donaldson’s classically trained vocal range exceeding 4 octaves, Rivera’s drumming precision and powerful stance behind the kit, and Eavenson’s rock and blues styling on the bass.

Justin formed Lochness Monster in 2015 with a different lineup and in 2016 the debut album, Fables, was released. The album was recorded, mixed, produced by James Paul Wisner at Wisner Productions in St. Cloud, FL with mastering by Andy VanDette at Engine Room Audio in New York, NY. The 11-track record incorporates fictional stories that tend to be a bit abstract at times and open to interpretation. Off the album came singles, “Anchors Gone,” “Pendulum,” and “Pixie Cut,” which featured Kyra Kennaugh, a professional dancer, for their music video to give a whole new look and take on the very poppy but punk infused song. Hans Morgenstern with Indie Ethos had this to say about the record, “Coursing with the ache of emo to the grandeur of progressive rock, Wisner brought out the album’s meticulous music via layers of bombast and delicate moments of intimacy. You can hear it in the album’s title track, a bouncy cut that’s bright yet still heavy with sophisticated details, from the subtle high-pitched hum harmonizing with Shaner’s intricate guitar licks to the warm echo of the guitar’s strings.”

Fables expanded Lochness Monster’s reach and received critical acclaim from fans and radio markets. The record peaked at #16 on the CMJ (College Media Journal) charts with several tracks from the album being played on over 120 radio stations across the US. Following the release of Fables, Shaner finalized the new lineup, including the switch to Bruce Donaldson as the new vocalist.

In 2018, the band re-entered the studio with Wisner to work on their yet-to-be released self-titled EP. On the upcoming EP, Lochness Monster, the band want to convey a more personal story behind their music filled with struggles and reoccurring themes of hope and redemption. Shaner elaborates, “I think if people are relating and connecting to the music then we are being sincere making it, if it’s able to uplift people then even better, but I think our new music takes some people for a ride through different emotions and different experiences that they may have had.” The EP features, “Calling Out,” a song about holding onto love and finding forgiveness. Its lyrics are about recognizing the trials and tribulations faced in a relationship of love and seeking redemption in each other. Shortly before the release of “Calling Out” the band was awarded Best Rock Band at the 2019 Oski Awards.


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