Drown This City Celebrate Release of “Alpha // Survivor”

Celebrate Release of 
Alpha // Survivor

Reveal New Music Video
 “In Your Image”

Alpha // Survivor Out Now via  UNFD
Streaming on Spotify & Apple Music

There’s been a buzz of energy around Melbourne post-hardcore act Drown This City since the announcement of their EP Alpha // Survivor. A fierce six-track package of pain and triumph, the release was quickly announced as Feature Album on heavy music radio juggernauts The Faction, climbed to #1 on the Unearthed Metal chart and was swiftly added to rotation.

With the release out in full now, the band are celebrating with the reveal of a music video for lead single “In Your Image.” The track details lead vocalist Alex Reade’s struggles being tied to expectation and agendas throughout her childhood and the video is teeming with striking imagery that points to this. Reade thrashes around in chains while figures twist and contort around her, but ultimately, ‘In Your Image’ captures her staggering shift from a broken victim into a powerful, unapologetic hero.

The song really is about the breaking point in anyone’s life when they have a moment of power and they shed false beliefs,” she explains. “It’s a paradigm shift into a new perspective – an ascension into one’s true self and power.”

Alpha // Survivor is the result of over a year’s worth of refocusing, reenergising and rebuilding for Drown This City, both as individuals and as a group. The EP captures pain and turmoil, but ultimately harnesses a powerful message on the choice we all have to rise above our pain in power.

We’ve been through heart ache, break downs, low moments and the highest of highs and together have only gotten stronger,” Reade explains. “We’ve supported each other to be powerful as well as vulnerable, and through this connection we’ve come out of dark times and rebuilt Drown This City, ready to be released in its new form.

As a concept, Alpha // Survivor represents the battle between one’s emotions, how we can feel like an empty, emotionless void, but at the same time display absolute strength and power in the toughest of times. It’s the idea of conquering one’s inhibitions in the face of adversity.”

Alpha // Survivor is out now via UNFD

Alex Reade – Vocals
Matthew Bean – Vocals/Bass
Josh Renjen – Guitar
Laurence Appleby – Guitar
Anthony Pallas – Drums

Alpha // Survivor Tracklisting: 
1. Don’t Forget To
2. Stay Broken
3. In Your Image
4. Null
5. Love Makes Cowards Of Us All
6. Void

For more information, please visit:
Website: www.drownthiscity.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drownthiscityband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DrownThisCityAU
Instagram: www.instagram.com/drownthiscityband

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