Indie-Pop Band Super Low Bring Summer Vibes On Single “Unlimited Data”

Indie-Pop Band Super Low Bring Summer Vibes On Single “Unlimited Data”

Irresistible melodies & honest delivery make this single one for your summer playlists; off upcoming album with supporting northeastern U.S. tour

Indie pop/rock band Super Low‘s new single “Unlimited Data” comes as an incredibly bright and refreshing single. A tantalizing ear-worm melody, and honest, reflective lyrics, combine for an instant summer hit. It comes as the second single off their upcoming self-titled album Super Low, due out July 12.

“The song is a reminder that things don’t stay the same. When things are going well they are going to get worse. And when things are going badly they will get better,” shared vocalist/guitarist Tiger Adams. Introspectively focused, Super Low’s material often presents an empathetically reliable discussion, wrapped within a bright pop melody. Everything Is Noise premiered the track, citing the band’s alluring combination of “melancholia and whimsical expression” that makes it so approachable. Applicably noting the bands progression in sound, they also complimented how they have “continued to distill their sound from the rough around the edges rock sound of their previous iteration to something more charming, more honest.”

“We started tracking this song with our friend Alex Nicholls after we thought the album was finished,” shared Adams. “He’s a recording major at the University of Memphis and asked us to track a song for a project. We ended up liking the song and finished recording it with with Calvin Lauber (Young Avenue Sound)”, who had engineered the rest of the record. “It’s a lot more fresh to us than the other songs; it probably feels closer to what our even newer songs sound like”.  

Formerly known as China Gate, the band renamed themselves as Super Low earlier this spring. It reflects on the bands change in line-up, stepping away from a static group; Adams and keyboardist Harry Neblett remain as the only ‘permanent’ members, and take support from drummer John Lewandowski, bassist Conner Booth and rotating live members Jawaun Crawford, Annalisabeth Craig, and Walt Phelan. The dynamic configuration allows for more versatile touring and creative pursuits.

Super Low have two northeastern U.S. tours booked for July and August, and are currently planning for a southern U.S. tour this fall. “Unlimited Data” and their previous single “Runners Ups” are available now on BandcampSuper Low will be out on all major digital retailers on July 12.


7/12 – Memphis, TN – B Sides Bar (album release show)
7/13 – Nashville, TN – Private Idaho
7/14 – Charleston, NC – TBA
7/15 – Atlanta, TN – Milkshake Room
7/16 – Columbia, SC – Curiosity
7/17 – Baltimore, MD – Burns Manor
7/18 – Washington, DC – Dwell
July 20 – New York City – Arlene’s Grocery
7/21 – Albany, NY – Buddie’s
7/22 – Rochester, NY – UUU Gallery


“Don’t know what’s to come now,” sings Super Low’s Tiger Adams in the opening track to that band’s debut album. “Just wish you could see that it isn’t going to stay this way.” It’s hopeful, encouraging sentiment married perfectly to a dream pop backdrop that chimes, jangles and whirls giddily around. Super Low is the rare artist that knows that heartfelt and often downcast expressions don’t have to be stuck to music that weighs you down like wet clothing. There are ways to have those tough conversations and deal with harrowing thoughts while letting the sunshine warm your skin and a nice cocktail warm your insides.

The Memphis-based indie pop band, led by singer/guitarist Tiger Adams and keyboardist Harry Neblett, was until recently known as China Gate. The group released a full-length and an EP under that moniker and have been picking up a small head of steam in their hometown and beyond thanks to their ebullient live shows—either their own or opening up for the likes of Dent May and Hoops—and a well-regarded 2017 SXSW showcase.

With a new name, and a brand-new self-titled album ready to share with the world, Super Low are poised for much bigger stages and more acclaim. Recorded mostly last January at Young Avenue Sound with Calvin Lauber (engineer for Julien Baker’s Turn Out The Lights), each song is filled with little sonic touches and surprising intrusions that gets revealed like small secrets with every spin. They’ve already got tours lined up for the summer and even more new material set to be released into the world. Vocalist/guitarist Tiger Adams, drummer John Lewandowski, and bassist Conner Booth are supported by a rotating cast of additional members for live shows. Super Low doesn’t know what’s to come but with this spectacular new album ready to drop and a ball of pent up energy at their core waiting to burst free, they won’t stay a local secret for very much longer.

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