Side Project Release Video For New Track ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’

Side Project Release Video For New Track ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’

Hailing from Leicester, Side Project have just released their brand new single ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’, along with a new video. Bringing their unique pop punk & rock crossover sound, Side Project are proud to delve into a range of influences with their music, creating big chorus’ and hooks that stay with you for ages.

 Phil Robinson (Lead Guitar) comments on the writing process behind the new track:

‘A Thousand Goodbyes’ really saw us step out of our comfort zone, writing clever tempo changes and structuring the song in 2 contrasting halves, the end result was a raw, catchy effort with an epic feel to the end.”.

A Thousand Goodbyes is available from all good retailers and streaming platforms right now, check it out on:
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Check out the video for A Thousand Goodbyes right now!

More about Side Project
Since forming in 2017, Side Project have been working to deliver catchy, energetic songs and live performances, 2019 sees the band turn the dial to 11 as they release their best music to date.

A Thousand Goodbyes follows their 2018 EP release The Shapes And The Colours which showcased the versatility in the bands sound, something the band take particular pride in.

Matt West (Bass) explains, “We have always seen the band as a blank slate, so that when it comes to song writing, we don’t feel defined to write in one form”. Guitarist Josh Vale continues “I feel like we can take this band in loads of different directions in the future, every time we get together to write new material, there is a lot of excitement as it is really unpredictable on what we are going to leave the rehearsal room with”.

Side Project also feel that it is important to let their influences affect their craft, Ben Pritchard (vocals) says. “Drawing on influences from when we were younger and current artists, we have created music that can make you feel nostalgic whilst feeling like you are listening to something that is current”.  Drummer Tom Williams is a little more candid, “..taking inspiration from bands from our questionable teenage years and giving it a re-work to make it feel like Side Project”.

Side Project are looking forward to a bright 2019, with lots more to come. Make sure you follow the band to keep up with all the developments!

Side Project are:

Ben Pritchard – Vocals
Josh Vale – Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Phil Robinson – Lead Guitar
Matt West – Bass
Tom Williams – Drums

Find Side Project online:


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