Welcome To The Land of THE MANX

Welcome To The Land of THE MANX

What do you get when you take four creative geniuses from networks like Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon; add punk rock, crazy antics, and some pretty wild, trippy visuals – and then shake that all up like a toddler on a candy binge? The answer is an out-of-this-world, face-melting, blow-your-mind band called The Manx – and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

During the LA-daylight, the quintet work hard to create entertainment for our screens; but once the sun goes down and that moon rises, so does the eccentricity that is The Manx. This can be captured in their video for “Hateful Goo,” which is the first single off their upcoming album Malibu Slime, set to be released on July 12th via Sweatband Records. The video is chock-full of WTF – ranging from black sludge, tunnels, a toilet plunger, and a muppet voiced by none other than Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty). Honestly, it’s fun to watch.

Rock|Life caught up with Max Winston, drummer of The Manx, to chat about this plethora of awesomeness.

RL: So, what made you guys say, “Hey, let’s form a band?”

MW: We were each going 1,000 mph the same direction in different rocket ships, then all our rocket ships collided, causing a chaotic climactic explosion similar to the original Big Bang. After the smoke cleared, we were the only ones left, and all the albums in the universe were burnt to a crisp. So, we looked around, looked at each other and said, “Well, what sounds do you want to hear?” And thus THE MANX.

RL: Why “The Manx?”  What’s the story behind the name?  I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with mutated cats.

MW: We were forced to call our band THE MANX by an external, uncontrollable force. There’s been times when we’ve thought of changing it, but every time we do, something bad happens. Cars are keyed, shoes are de-soled, chopsticks snap in-hand. So we’ve decided to stop trying to change the name and just stick with THE MANX.

RL: Tell us all about this black sludge that is the “Hateful Goo.”

MW: HATEFUL GOO is both everything good and evil, mixed-up into a sludge, which exists in us all. A sort of Primordial Ooze, it sometimes secretes and escapes, causing havok amongst anything in it’s path. But what is havok? Well, that is subjective. Hence the fact that while it sometimes makes things WORSE for some people, it also makes some things BETTER for others! What is bad? What is good? No one truly knows. But what is GOO? Well, the answer to that is something we can all agree on. Oh, it’s also an animated music video directed by our drummer, Max Winston, featuring the voice talents of Rick & Morty Maestro Justin Roiland.

RL: Anyone can recognize the voice of Justin Roiland as soon as you start watching the video – I bet you guys had a blast working on this together.

MW: So, his voice not only appears in the video, but it’s part of the intro to the same track on our upcoming album as well. It was really fun working with Justin, we sat down with him and kind of figured out what to say together, riffing back and forth. There’s tons of funny stuff we recorded him saying that didn’t make it to the album or the video, which, we may do something with in the future. Keep your ears peeled…

RL: Talk to us about Malibu Slime – is there a common theme throughout the album?

MW: Malibu Slime! The theme to the album resides in the title. After doing a ton of experimenting with our last album, our first full-length, we wanted to hone-in more on a specific character this time around. We approached the album with a bit of a “surf” vibe, because Tommy goes surfing, Myke went surfing once, Zach has been a couple times, Adam has never been and Max surfed once when he was 13. Regardless of our surfing experience, it just felt right to make songs in that vein. Almost like we wanted to make our own “California” album, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers did that one time. However, some songs stray-away from the whole surfy-thing, and feel a bit more sludgy and slimy… Hence Malibu SLIME!

RL: The album also has cameos from Justin Pearson and Derek Mears.  That’s quite impressive!

MW: Our last album had some cool cameos too, including King Buzzo from the Melvins! We love including people outside of The Manx, to take our music beyond what someone would expect from a band of 5 weirdos. We are all big fans of Justin Pearson’s bands, so it was a true honor to get him to grace our tunes with his beautiful, shredded vocal chords. 80’s and Horror Film imagery finds it’s way into a lot of our creative juices, so having Derek Mears be in our video for the song Nightblade was amazing! He is such a cool guy; hung out with us all day shooting weird stuff, we put silly makeup on him and everything. He didn’t complain once! It just shows that if you have passion, other people will pick up on that and maybe agree to be a part of the weird world you’re creating.

RL: Parker Day did the photos for the album artwork – judging from the photos, it looks like it was a blast!  Talk to us about that experience.

MW: Parker Day is an incredible artist, we are all fans of her photography. The visual-worlds she creates and the characters that are born-out of them have inspired us for a while now. Our band is always searching for new ways to express ourselves in a striking manner, so getting photographed by her was a no-brainer. Luckily, she agreed to it. I think she even enjoyed the process! I could be wrong, but I don’t think she had photographed a group 5 people in one photograph at once, all done-up like she does. So I’d like to believe it was a new and enriching experience for her, as well. At that point, her studio was still in her living room, so we crammed in there and she made it work. Except Adam’s colored-contact got painfully-stuck in his eye, almost driving him to the brink of insanity… you can really see his seething rage in the album photo. But yeah, Parker is the best, we will always follow her art and career. She’s probably gonna be Queen of her own island one day.

RL: What’s next for The Manx?

MW: Along with HATEFUL GOO, we have a few more music videos coming out this year, and a couple crazy surprises that you’ll just have to wait and find out about. Our new album, MALIBU SLIME, will be released in July, we’re planning an album release show for July 20th at the Bootleg Theater in LA, so make sure to tell all your cool grandparents about that! Expect a big tour towards the end of 2019, as well.

RL: Think you’ll get to do a Rick and Morty cameo? I mean, I’m sure you guys could conjure up something really interesting…

MW: If they build it, we will come.

Check out the video for “Hateful Goo” below:



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