Milton Keynes’ GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT Releases New EP ‘Contrast’

A band from Milton Keynes UK called Get Your Head Straight’s debut EP Contrast has been released. Get ready to remember what it felt like venturing out to one of your favorite venues on Punk night. Do you recall the energy and the vibes? Now you can feel that again while listening to the new EP consisting of 6 songs.

The band’s single “Medusa” is available at all good outlets now to stream and purchase. Add it to your collection right now at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Youtube. It defiantly comes out swinging and hitting you in the feels, then slapping you in the face hard with that Punk Rock beat. At times it can sound a bit repetitive but each song will bring you in and make you listen all the way through.

Get Your Head Straight is (L to R):
Daryl Humphries (Drums), John Tebbs (Rhythm Guitar), Tyler Hall (Lead Vocals), Ross Davies (Lead Guitar), and Jamie Lynn (Bass Guitar).

Keep an eye out for Get Your Head Straight and mark your calendars when they are in your area. You can catch them at Mind Fest, a festival that is not only crammed with a wide range of music but is also raising money and awareness for the mental health charity, Mind.



Check out the video for the single “Medusa” below:

Contrast was released on June 7, 2019. Be sure to grab your copy from all major platforms today!

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